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Theme: Sustaining a Christian Foundation for Health in a Changing World

Dates: June 9-12, 2011

Venue: Bishop Claggett Center, Buckeystown, Maryland

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Conference Worship Resources (running concurrently)
Pre-Conference Skill Building Workshops (running concurrently)
Behavior Change and Health Promotion
·      Laura van Vuuren, Medical Teams International
·      Phil Moses, FANTA-2 Project/AED
Benchmarking: Innovative M&E Tools for Measuring if we are on track with our Christian Mission in International Health
·      Dr. Elvira Beracochea, Sara Swart, MIDEGO Inc.
Proposal Writing
·      Adrienne Allison, Project Director, World Vision
Opening Plenary
Proclaiming our Foundation: Why We Do What We Do
·      Ray Martin (Moderator)
·      Robin Davis, Global Health Action, First CCIH Board President
·      Meredith Long, World Concern, Fourth CCIH Board President
·      Laura van Vuuren, CCIH Board President, Medical Teams International
Mini-Plenary 1 (running concurrently)
Advocacy - The Impact of a Collective Christian Voice
·      Chad Hayward, Accord (Moderator)
·      Galen Carey, National Association of Evangelicals
·      Adam Taylor, World Vision US 
Competition and Collaboration – Working Together in an Atmosphere of Competition for Scarce Resources
·      Nancy Pendarvis Harris (Moderator)
·      Robin Davis, Global Health Action 
·      Meredith Long, World Concern 
·      Rick Santos, IMA World Health
Mini-Plenary 2 (running concurrently)
Reengineering your Christian Hospital for Faith and Sustainability
·      Dr. Paul Armerding, Medical Compass 
·      Dr. Elvira Beracochea, MIDEGO Inc 
Global initiatives to engage the faith sector in family planning advocacy, networking and service delivery
·      Lauren VanEnk (Moderator)
·      Mona Bormet, CCIH 
·      Dr. Douglas Huber, Reproductive Health Consultant
·      Devina Patel, CCIH 
·      Lauren Van Enk, Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University 
Breakout Period 1 (running concurrently)
Adapting to the Times: Sustainable & Relevant Healthcare
·      Mona Bormet, CCIH (Moderator)
·      Augustine P Aiyadurai, Schieffelin Institute of Health  –         Research & Leprosy Centre
·      Dr. Mathew Santhosh Thomas, Emmanuel Hospital Association
Overcoming Adversity:  Restoring Hope and Holistic Health to Vulnerable Children  
·      Rhoda Gwan, Chabash International Health Foundation, Inc (Moderator)
·      Dr. Paul Robinson, World Concern
·      Moses Dombo, World Vision East Africa
·      Dick Stellway, Viva Network AIDS Forum
Mapping Faith-Based Healthcare 
·      Laiah Idelson, Center for Interfaith Action on Global Poverty
·      Dr. Jill Olivier, World Bank
The Unique Contribution Christian Individuals and Organizations bring to a Hurting World
·      Marabel Kersey, International Parish Nurse Resource Center
Water for Health
·      Rev. G Abraham Powell, Resources Development Program
·      Gerald Wilson, Regenerative Medical Enterprises. LLC
Student Session
Student Presentations Session
·      Jacqueline Kahler
·      Liz Chmielewski
·      Amanda Leahy
Breakout Period 2 (running concurrently)
Appropriate & Sustainable Christian Missions
·      Dr. Paul Armerding, Medical Compass
Hope & Healing: Responding to TB, Malaria, Cholera and Mental Health Needs
·      Sharon Franzén  (Moderator)
·      Aimee Brewster, Emory University
·      Justin & Roseann Dennery, Samaritan's Purse Haiti, presented by Sharon Franzén
·      Dr. Harold Harder, Blessings International
·      Peggy Kollars, ProVector LLC
Innovative, Faith-Based, For-Profit, Health Solutions
·      Ray Martin, CCIH (Moderator)
·      Carol Hanselman, LifeNet International
·      Nick Ramsing, Mennonite Economic Development Associates- MEDA
PEPFAR and FBOs: Learning from Experience, Moving Forward Together
·      Prof. Henry Mosley (Moderator)
·      Tom Walsh, Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator, US Department of State
Working in Secular Environments  -Blessings & Challenges
·      Dr. Anne Peterson, International Health Consultant/George Washington University
Plenary #2
What Should We Do With All The Money We Have?
How can westerners use their resources to create projects which are sustainable on local resources?
·      Ray Martin, CCIH (Moderator)
·      Rev. Glenn Schwartz, Executive Director, World Mission Associates
Plenary #3
The Unique Contribution of Christians to International Health
·      Dr. Jonathan Quick, Management Sciences for Health (Moderator)
·      Libby Little, Interserve
·      Dr. Anbrasi Edward, Johns Hopkins University School of   Public Health
·      Dr. Gil Odendaal, Saddleback Church
Plenary #4
Serving God’s People in God’s World
Daily Joys and Sorrows and How our Faith Sustains Us
·      Rev. Lauren Stanley (Facilitator)
Student Session
Calling & Direction: Hearing God’s Voice
·      Sophie Huber, CCIH (Moderator)
·      Emily Chambers, Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator, US Department of State
·      Libby Little, Mission Consultant, Interserve
·      Harold Harder, President, Blessings International 
·      Amy Metzger, Independent Public Health Consultant 
·      Prof. Henry Mosley, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Population, Family  and Reproductive Health at Johns Hopkins SPH
·      Laura van Vuuren, Senior Advisor HIV and AIDS, Medical Teams International
Breakout Period 3 (running concurrently)
Pathways to Sustainable Healthcare
·      David Onomoase Omorebokhae, Christian Health Association of Nigeria
The Effects of a Large Short-term Health Grant on a Christian FBO
·      Nicholas Danforth, Women’s Studies Research Center, Brandeis University
The Role of the C.H.U.R.C.H. in A Bottom-up Approach to Community Healthcare - The Saddleback Story in Western Rwanda
·      Dr. Gil Odendaal, Saddleback Church
Healing God, Healing Nations:  Theological Conversations on Global Health
·      Dr. Dan O’Neill, Center for the Study of Health in Mission/ University of Connecticut School of Medicine
·      Joel Ruark, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, MATh
Plenary #5
CCIH Working Groups: Follow Your Passion
·      Emily Chambers, CCIH Board Member
CCIH Annual Meeting
·      Laura van Vuuren, CCIH Board President
Breakout Period 4 (running concurrently)
God’s Hand and Feet: Meeting the Needs of Victims of Abuse
·      Sharon Franzén, CCIH (Moderator)
·      Esther Ndiang’ui, IMA World Health
·      Dr. Lubunga Samy, Free Methodist Church of the DRC, presented by Sharon Franzén
·      Deanna McPherson, Department of Health & Human Services/World Hope International, Hope Corps Volunteer
Lessons from God's 1st Century Leadership Team for 21st Century Christian Health Organizations
·      Dr. Jonathan Quick, Management Sciences for Health
Sustainability Through Public-Private Partnerships
·      Devina Patel, CCIH (Moderator)
·      Paul Kawale, Uchembere Network -Presbyterian Church network in Malawi
·      Dr. Adeline Kimambo, Marion Lieser, Christian Social Services Commission, Tanzania
·      Alexandra Marcus, Public Health Consultant
The Church and HIV&AIDS: Adapting, Learning, Reframing
·      Mona Bormet, CCIH (Moderator)
·      F. Philip L. Nushan, Jr., Lutheran Church in Liberia HIV & AIDS Programme
·      Dr. Santhosh Thomas Mathew, Emmanuel Hospital Association
Closing Plenary
Moving Forward:  Firm in our Foundation and Faith
·      Elvira Beracochea, MIDEGO, Inc. (Moderator)
·      Robin Davis, Global Health Action
·      Meredith Long, World Concern
·      Laura van Vuuren, Medical Teams International & CCIH
·      Invited Speakers


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