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The 28th Annual CCIH Conference, held June 20-23, 2014 at Marymount University in Arlington, Va. explored how Christians are Transforming Lives with our work in global health. Sub-themes examined were: 

  • Strength in Partnerships
  • Excellence in Practices
  • Compassionate Care in Crisis
  • Voice for the Vulnerable 
"I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly." (John 10:10) We will explore how Christians are working to help those they serve live a healthy and abundant life.

 Conference Presentations 

PowerPoint presentations and links to videos of presentations are included if available. Please note that not all speakers had PowerPoint presentations.

Friday, June 20
Family Planning Pre-Conference: The faith community is vital in helping women and families address the challenges and obstacles that contribute to the 220 million women with an unmet need for family planning. During this workshop, attendees participated in the “Method Challenge” and received specific tools to implement, monitor and evaluate their family planning programs

Co-moderators: Dr. Henry Mosley of Johns Hopkins University and Ms. Adrienne Allison of World Vision
Method Challenge and Small Group Discussions 

Methods presented:
  • IUD (Anne Peterson)
  • Emergency Contraceptives (Nancy Harris)
  • Low-Dose Progestin-Only Oral Contraceptives (Douglas Huber)
  • FAM (Nana Apenem Dagadu)
Jim Shelton from USAID addressed questions, concerns and any misconceptions that came up in this section.

Best Practices Panel: 

  • Nana Apenem Dagadu  from the Institute for Reproductive Health: M & E Compendium on SRH 
  • Edward Wilson from JSI: Accessing Commodities in-country, focusing on countries represented by attendees
  • Marta Pirzadeh from FHI360: Christian & Muslim guides for reaching youth 
  • Susan Duberstein from IMA World Health: Sermon Guide on MCH 
  • Jim Shelton from USAID:  program strategies of mobile outreach and social franchising

Opening Plenary Session Video of Session

The Changing Role of Christians and the Church in Global Health - Lessons in Transformational Impact 

Moderator: Anne Wilson, MSN, CCIH Family Planning/Reproductive Health Working Group Co-Chair

Speaker: Gil Odendaal, Ph.D., D.Min., Vice President, Integral Mission, World Relief 

Saturday, June 21

Morning Praise and Plenary Session 2 | Video of Music and Prayer 

Strength in Partnerships Video of Panel Session

Moderator: Laura van Vuuren, Global Health Consultant

Speakers: Debbie Dortzbach, Director of Health and Social Development, World Relief

Emily Sarmiento, Child Sponsorship Program Director, Compassion International | Powerpoint Presentation 

Lara Villar, Vice President for Strategy and Organizational Performance, Catholic Medical Mission Board | Powerpoint Presentation

Concurrent Sessions I

Breakout Session 1

Amplify Your Voice with Letters to the Editor, Op Eds, and Social Media

Moderator: Kathy Erb, Communications Manager, CCIH

Speakers: Kristen Youngblood Archer, Media Relations Manager, Bread for the World 

David Olson, Global Health Communications Consultant, Olson Global Communications | Handout of Global Health News Sources 

Breakout Session 2

Finding Her Way at the Well: Women's Empowerment and Wholeness

Moderator: Dana McDonald, CCIH Board Member

Speakers: Todd Post, Senior Editor, Hunger Report, Bread for the World

Lucas Koach, Senior Policy Advisor, Food for the Hungry | Presentation Outline 

Smita Baruah, Director, Global Health Policy and Advocacy, Save the Children

Breakout Session 3

Compassionate Care in Crisis: Stories from Typhoon Haiyan and South Sudan

Moderator: Chad Hayward, Executive Director, ACCORD Network

Speakers: Kosh Wallis, Samaritan's Purse Disaster Assistance Response Team | Powerpoint Presentation

Sebastian Juma Hayombe, Project Manager, Catholic Medical Mission Board Powerpoint Presentation

Concurrent Sessions II

Breakout Session 1

Churches and FBOs are Key Deliverers and Advocates for Immunization and Pharmaceuticals

Moderator: Dan Martin, Public Health Analyst, Centers for Disease Control

Speakers: Richard Lane, MD, MPH, Director, MPH Program, Liberty University | Powerpoint Presentation 

Mirfin Mpundu, Executive Director, Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network 

Natasha Bilimoria, Director, U.S. Strategy, GAVI Alliance

Breakout Session 2

The Quiet Faith of Nelson Mandela: Methodism, Leadership, and AIDS. A Story in Pictures and Words

Moderator: Ron Mataya, MD, Associate Professor of Global Health, Loma Linda University School of Public Health

Speaker: Jonathan Quick, MD, MPH, President and CEO, Management Sciences for Health Presentation 

Breakout Session 3

Innovative Approaches in Health Education and Delivering Health Services

Moderator: Bill Simmons, President and CEO, American Leprosy Missions

Speakers: Ellen Vorder Bruegge, Consultant, Hesperian Health Guides Powerpoint Presentation 

Elizabeth Carosella, Program and Business Development Manager, Partners for Development | Powerpoint Presentation

Amy Hewitt, Partner Development Manager, International Aid | Powerpoint Presentation

Plenary Session 3 | Video of Panel Session

Awakening Our Voice: Advancing Excellence in Christian Global Health 

Moderator: Doug Fountain, Vice President, Operations Support, Medical Teams International

Speakers: Tom Davis, MPH, Chief Program Officer, Feed the Children

Todd Nitkin, MD, MPH, Senior Advisor, Monitoring and Evaluation, Medical Teams International

Anne Peterson, MD, MPH, Director, Public Health Program, Ponce School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Plenary Session 4 | Video of Panel Session

Living Out Your Faith in Your Work 

Moderator: Pamela Mukaire, Dr.PH., Loma Linda University

Speakers: Ron Mataya, MD, Associate Professor of Global Health, Loma Linda University School of Public Health

Dr. Jonathan Quick, MD, MPH, President and CEO, Management Sciences for Health

Anbrasi Edward, Ph.D., MPH, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

Kathy Griffith, Grants Officer in Community-based Primary Health Care, United Methodist Committee on Relief

Presentation of Christian International Health Champion Award to Dr. Douglas Huber, MD | Video 

Sunday, June 22

Plenary Session 5 | Video of Panel Session

Compassionate Care in Crisis

Moderator: Rick Santos, President and CEO, IMA World Health

Speakers: Melissa Crutchfield, Associate General Secretary, International Development, United Methodist Committee on Relief | Powerpoint Presentation

Nicole Hark, Deputy Director for Asia and the Middle East, Lutheran World Relief | Powerpoint Presentation

William Sage, Consultant to Faith-based Organizations

Concurrent Sessions III

Breakout Session 1

Faith Communities as Bridges of Support for Those Living with HIV

Moderator: Judith Brown, Global Health Consultant

Speakers: Pamela Mukaire, Dr.PH., Loma Linda University

Daniel Gobgab, MD, Secretary General, Christian Health Association of Nigeria | Powerpoint Presentation

Breakout Session 2

Innovative Ways to Maximize Our Gifts and Empower Workers and Communities for Change

Moderator: Henry Mosley, MD, MPH, Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health

Speakers: Daniel O'Neill, MD, Christian Journal of Global Health | Presentation Summary

Maggie Ehrenfried, PT, DPT, Development Officer, LifeNet International | Powerpoint Presentation

Connie Gates, President, Jamkhed International

Breakout Session 3

Integrating Family Planning into Other Health Programs

Moderator: Nancy Harris, MPH, Vice President, John Snow Research and Training Institute, Inc. 

Speakers: Jennifer Mason, Senior Advisor for FP/HIV Integration, USAID | Powerpoint Presentation

Anne Pfitzer, Family Planning Technical Team Leader, MCHIP | Powerpoint Presentation

Concurrent Sessions IV

Breakout Session 1

Replacing Harmful Cultural Practices and Attitudes with Healthy Behaviors

Moderator: David Olson, Olson Global Communications

Speakers: Mary Lou Fisher, Health Advisor, Samaritan's Purse

Katherine Marshall, Executive Director, World Faiths Development Dialogue

Breakout Session 2

Transforming Lives through a Holistic Approach to Health

Moderator: Richard Lane, MD, MPH, Director, MPH Program, Liberty University

Speakers: Elvira Beracochea, MD, President and CEO, MIDEGO | Presentation Handout 

Mike Soderling, MD, Director, Center for Health in Missions | Powerpoint Presentation

Cindy Wilke, Director, Global Health Administration Partners | Powerpoint Presentation

Breakout Session 3

Innovations and Advocacy in Family Planning for Better Maternal/Child Health

Moderator: Douglas Huber, MD, CCIH Family Planning/Reproductive Health Working Group Co-Chair

Speakers: Lauren Van Enk, Program Officer, Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University | Powerpoint Presentation

Katie Kraft, Legislative Advocacy and Communications Associate, Healthy Families, Healthy Planet Initiative of the United Methodist General Board of Church and Society | Powerpoint Presentation

Tonny Tumwesigye, MD, Executive Director, Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau | Powerpoint Presentation

Plenary Session 6 Video of Session

The Biblical Basis for Advocacy  

Moderator: Anne Peterson, MD, MPH, Director, Public Health Program, Ponce School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Speaker: Reverend David Beckmann, President, Bread for the World


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