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Dr. Kent Brantly To Speak at CCIH Conference
Compassion over fear. That's how Dr. Kent Brantly describes the most important lesson he learned from his experience treating Ebola patients in Liberia and ultimately becoming infected with the virus. Dr. Brantly will share that experience and his personal faith journey leading him to serve as a missionary doctor with Samaritan's Purse in a session at the CCIH Conference in July. Dr. Brantly was the first person in the world to be treated with the experimental drug ZMapp, and the first person with Ebola to be treated in the United States when he was evacuated to Emory University Hospital.
Kent and his wife Amber and two children are now based in Fort Worth, Texas. He treats patients and trains Family Medicine residents at John Peter Smith Hospital. The Brantlys are authors of the book Called for Life. Join us as we hear from Kent how this extraordinary experience has impacted his life, his faith and his work. Photo by Gaylon Wampler
The CCIH 2017 Conference will be held July 13-15 at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Md. Our theme is Strengthening Global Health: Faith at the Center, a concept closely linked to our Core Focus area of Integrating Faith and Health. Sponsoring the conference is a great way to connect with Christian organizations working in global health.
Christian International Health Champion Award
Each year at the CCIH conference we honor the commitment and achievements of a Christian International Health Champion. Nominate an inspiring CCIH member who has dedicated his or her life to global health from a Christian perspective and has made significant contributions to the field and to CCIH. Nominations are due February 28, 2017. Learn more about the criteria and access the nomination form here
IMPORTANT: New Visa Letter Request Policy
CCIH greatly appreciates the continued interest our Global South organizational and individual members have in the Annual Conference. We wish we could serve everyone interested in attending the conference from overseas, but due to the drastic increase in visa letter requests over the past three years, we have been forced to revise our visa letter assistance policy. This decision came after analyzing the percentage of applicants who receive a visa and the time required for CCIH staff to ensure quality service to each visa applicant while faced with time and resource constraints. We will revisit the policy in the future and hope we can make changes, but for this year, we must limit the number of visa request letters we write. Please see the policy here
Register by March 31 to Take Advantage of Early Bird Rates
Register or learn more about registration rates, the agenda and more by visiting the Registration Site 
Vulnerable Women and Children Are a Priority for God
by Mona Bormet, MPH, CHES, CCIH Program Director
Vulnerable women and children are a priority for God, and in order to ensure healthy families, improving health and wholeness for women and children is a priority for CCIH and our members. As I’ve interacted with our members in Cameroon, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Zambia and other places across the globe. I have realized the importance of family is universal. Cultures differ, how men and women interact differs, education and healthcare systems differ, but at the core of each of these countries is the importance of family. Here I am in the photo to the left with Jane Kishoyian, a nurse with the Christian Health Association of Kenya (CHAK) along with some of the Community Health Volunteers CHAK works with to bring much-needed care and services to women. It was great to meet them and learn more about their work first-hand during one of my trips to Kenya.
While many areas have seen great improvements in the health of women and children, frustratingly, women and children are still dying in childbirth, as well as from lack of proper nutrition and violence in many places. That is why in CCIH's 2016-2021 strategic plan, we have made the health of women and children a priority area. Interventions focused on family planning, proper nutrition, reducing stunting, safe birth practices, healthy family environments, body literacy, and more have made huge differences in the health of women and children. Our working group and staff team are focused on the health of women and children in a variety of ways. Here are some of our main achievements so far:
  • Webinar on breastfeeding in partnership with Samaritan's Purse in January 2017.
  • Webinar on Faith and Family Planning on Tuesday, March 28 from 9:00 to 10:30 am US ET in conjunctions with the American Public Health Association (APHA) featuring four CCIH members. Please be on the lookout for more information in early March. Save the date for now.
  • A Youth Pre-conference at CCIH's annual conference on July 13 highlighting the importance of the Church in addressing the growing youth population and the challenges these populations are facing, such as HIV, sexual and gender-based violence, child marriage, conflict, body literacy, reproductive health, and more.
  • A plenary session at the CCIH conference on youth and their health needs.
Please let me know if you are interested in serving on this working group as we work together to encourage and empower the women and children in our care. And, if your organization has resources, such as programs, fact sheets, training guides, etc., on how to address many of the health issues that affect women and children that you are willing to share with the CCIH network, I would love to hear about them. Please reach out to me at mona.bormet [at]
CCIH Launches Nutrition Advocacy Project with Support of Eleanor Crook Foundation
We are pleased to announce that the Eleanor Crook Foundation has chosen CCIH to undertake a pilot nutrition and food security advocacy project in 2017. Nutrition and food security are significant issues for our members and hotly debated in Washington in recent years. And with a new Administration planning reforms and possible changes to U.S. foreign assistance, it is especially timely to ensure that faith voices are heard on this important topic. CCIH will partner with Liberty University to conduct an on-campus nutrition and food security education and awareness-raising program for students, which will incorporate their faculty, local faith leaders, and outside subject matter experts.
This will be followed by an advocacy event in Washington, DC focused on advocacy training for Liberty students, faculty and local faith leaders who will accompany them, and then meetings on Capitol Hill and with the Administration to educate these policymakers about the issues, as well as inform them how Christians view these critically important programs. We are gratified that the Eleanor Crook Foundation recognized CCIH’s advocacy successes in other areas and has confidence that we can reach key policymakers in Washington, while at the same time training the next generation of global health advocates so that these efforts will live on beyond the life of this grant.
The Global Church and Family Planning: Papers Due to CJGH by April 30
The Christian Journal for Global Health in collaboration with the The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity and CCIH calls for papers that analyze potential connections and/or areas of concern between Christian faith and family planning and to present research on family planning service provision by faith-based organizations. They are particularly interested in original research that shows connections between opinion and successful implementation. The United Nations Population Fund estimates that 24 million abortions, 70,000 maternal deaths, and 500,000 infant deaths could be prevented if all women had access to an unmet need for contraception. Others question that data and whether there is, in fact, an unmet need. Yet there remains a lack of the latest and most effective family planning methods in the developing world. Engaging with family planning is an opportunity for the global church to witness to the gospel and its concern for the welfare of families, women and children. The Journal recognizes that views on family planning vary even between Christians who seek to base their ethical opinions on the Scriptures. See the full call for papers
Mission Trip to Liberia Planned for March
CCIH member the Little White Chapel by the Wayside in Philadelphia, Penn. has a short-term mission trip to Liberia planned for March 28 to April 14.  The chapel is shipping containers of non-perishable food, sanitary items and clothing for adults and children. There are currently five team members who will be involved in distributing items to those in need. If you are interested in going on the trip (team members must pay air fare and other expenses), or can support the mission, contact Bishop Phillip Harrison at littlewhitechapel.philly [at] 


U.S. Policymakers Respond to CCIH Advocacy Visits
It is inspiring to know advocacy visits make an impression on U.S. policymakers and their staff and can begin relationships that help legislators better understand the work of CCIH members. On January 19, 2017 Peter Dickow (shown at left) from Senator Gary Peters (D-Mich.) office visited International Aid in Spring Lake, Mich. Mr. Dickow is the West Michigan Regional Director for Senator Peters. Amy Hewitt, Manager of the Lab-In-Suitcase Program said, "It was a good visit and the result of our follow up communication after visiting the Senator's Washington, DC office with CCIH in December."
On December 1, 2016 CCIH Board members Bob Blees, Vice President, SIM USA; Amy Hewitt, Manager of the Lab-In-Suitcase Program and Partner Development Manager of Medical Equipment Services, International Aid; and Ron Mataya, MD, Associate Professor of Global Health at the Loma Linda University School of Public Health, went to Capitol Hill to discuss the importance of U.S. foreign assistance and the involvement of faith-based organizations in global health.
"I believe CCIH's advocacy brings an important Christian bipartisan voice to Capitol Hill, which essentially educates and perhaps helps clear up misunderstandings about health and healing from a Christian perspective," said Amy. "As we all know, the attention-getting sound bite on the news does not always represent the full picture. Being a reliable, knowledgeable and approachable Christian resource is sure to be welcome and effective, especially during turbulent political times. The December Advocacy Day energized me. Championing the work of CCIH and our members drags me out of my comfort zone, which is good, and reminds me to not be complacent in the what, how and why of what we do."
The group met with the offices of Senators Richard Burr (R-N.C.), Dianne Feinstein, (D-Calif.), Gary Peters (D-Mich.), and Thom Tillis (R-N.C.), and Representatives Pete Aguilar (D-Calif.), Representative Bill Huizenga (R-Mich.), Mick Mulvaney (R-S.C.) who has been nominated as the new Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and Representative Robert Pittenger (R-N.C.). "These visits do take energy, but I have the feeling that much of what we shared was actually either new to some of the people or at least reinforced the messages that are important," said Bob Blees. "Really keeping these people informed about the good work that is going on is very important to help them make decisions."
Ron Mataya agrees it is important to help policymakers understand the importance of FBOs in global health. "It is important to raise awareness among legislators of the importance of the Christian faith community's work in global health. We are major providers of healthcare around the globe. This is the third Advocacy Day I have participated in. The main thing I have learned from these is that relationships matter in any profession, and it is important to build those relationships with our policymakers," said Ron.
CCIH Joins Faith Groups in Signing Letter to the Transition Team for President Donald Trump on Preservation of the Office of Religion and Global Affairs
CCIH joined many other faith-based organizations in signing a letter in support of preserving the U.S. State Department's Office of Religion and Global Affairs. The letter expresses our support for the office, which serves as an irreplaceable focal point where U.S. Government officials can deepen their own knowledge of religious actors and help foster relationships with and across religious communities. According to the statement, such engagement is more critical than ever in today's world. See the Letter
Contact Garrett Grigsby at garrett.grigsby [at] for information on CCIH advocacy activities.


Share Your Work with the CCIH Network
CCIH encourages members and affiliates to let us know of resources developed by your organization. Contact Kathy Erb at kathy.erb [at] to share resources with the network.
New Resource from World Vision on Using Social Media for Advocacy
In a poll of U.S. House and Senate offices by the Congressional Management Foundation, three quarters of senior staff said that between and and 30 comments on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter were enough to grab their attention on an issue. Thirty-five percent said that fewer than 10 comments were enough. See the story in Connectivity. With that in mind, World Vision has released a new Social Media Guide for Advocates to help guide your efforts. See more from World Vision about creating change through advocacy.
Power of Partnership
Catholic Medical Mission Board released a report featuring key partnerships to deliver care and medicine, including partnerships with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control to address HIV/AIDS, as well as with nonprofit foundations and industry partners. The guide also includes opportunities for more organizations to partner with CMMB. See the report
Reference Resource Using DHS Studies
The Demographic Health Survey Program announced that the reference information for all (more than 300) DHS, SPA, MIS and AIS final survey reports are available for download. Learn more and see how the citation information can be downloaded.


Sign up for the CCIH Google Group to Receive Emails of Funding Opportunities
To sign up for CCIH's members-only google group for funding opportunities, contact Kathy Erb at kathy.erb [at]
Funding Opportunities 
USAID Sustainable Development in Sub-Saharan Africa (Broad Agency Announcement)
Application Deadline To Be Announced
Supporting research, development, piloting, testing, and scaling of innovative, practical and cost-effective interventions that address development challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa. More
USAID Request for Information on Nepal Health Systems Strengthening Project
Applications Due February 23, 2017 More
USAID Project to Expand and Strengthen Family Planning Service Options in Uganda
Applications Due February 28, 2017 More
USAID Board Agency Announcement: Harnessing Local Innovations, Expertise and Partnerships to Solve Development Challenges in Asia
Applications Due March 3, 2017 More
USAID Breakthrough ACTION for Social and Behavior Change on FP/RH, HIV/AIDS, MNCH and Malaria
Applications Due March 3, 2017 More
USAID Breakthrough RESEARCH for Social and Behavior Change on FP/RH, HIV/AIDS, MNCH and Malaria
Applications Due March 3, 2017 More
USAID Ending AIDS in West Africa
Applications Due March 14, 2017 More
U.S. Department of State- NGO Programs Benefiting Refugees in South Sudan
Applications Due March 21, 2017 More
USAID Feed the Future Bangladesh
Applications Due March 21, 2017 More 
USAID Broad Agency Announcement: Improving Urban Health in Asia
Applications Due March 24, 2017
Questions Due February 24, 2017 More
USAID Reducing Human Trafficking in Nepal
Applications Due March 24, 2017 More
U.S. Department of State - U.S. Mission to Lesotho PEPFAR Small Grants Program
Applications Due March 24, 2017 More
USAID India Partnership Program
Applications Due March 31, 2017
Supports solutions to meet development challenges in health, food security, maternal and child health, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, and affordable health care. More
USAID Global Health Challenge
Applications Due April 13, 2017
Encourages innovations to prevent and manage critical global health challenges. More
USAID Integrated Health Systems Strengthening and Service Delivery, Pakistan 
Applications Due May 15, 2017 More
USAID Annual Program Statement - Integrating Community Health
Applications Due May 19, 2017
High impact health and nutrition interventions at scale in order to accelerate progress toward health goals. More
USAID American Schools and Hospitals Abroad
Applications Due May 29, 2017 More
USAID Supporting Livelihoods in Syria
Applications Due July 10, 2017 More
Broad Agency Announcement for Guatemala's Development Challenges
Applications Due August 24, 2017
Research, development, piloting, testing, and scaling of innovative, practical and cost-effective interventions to address challenges, especially related to HIV/AIDS activities. More
Dominican Republic Technology, Innovations, and Partnerships
Applications Due September 30, 2017
Reduce youth involvement in crime and violence; reduce risks to the impacts of global climate change, achieve epidemic control of HIV/AIDS throughout the region, which are outlined in the USAID/ESC Regional Development Cooperation Strategy. More
USAID Let Girls Learn Pakistan
Applications Due October 2, 2017 More
USAID and the Private Sector: Partnering for Impact
Applications Due February 23, 2018
Encouraging solutions to challenges faced in developing nations through public-private partnerships. More
FP2020 Rapid Response Mechanism
The Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM) supports projects that respond to emerging and urgent opportunities that will help FP2020 meet its goal of enabling 120 million more women and girls to use contraceptives by 2020 by amplifying existing work in an FP2020 Focus Country. Most projects will run for a short time, such as three to six months following initial financial disbursements from FP2020. More
USAID Annual Program Statement:Policy, Advocacy, and Communications Enhanced for Population and Reproductive Health (PACE)
Applications Due March 12, 2020
Ensuring family planning and population issues are included in policies and programs as key to sustainable and equitable economic growth and development. More
USAID's Family Planning and Reproductive Health Methods to Address Unmet Need
Applications Due January 14, 2023
Research, development and introduction of approaches that better meet the needs of women as their reproductive health concerns change over time. More
USAID International Emergency Food Assistance
No Current Closing Date
Title II award to provide local and/or regional purchase of food and/or food vouchers and/or cash transfers. More


Alliance to End Hunger Webinar on Hunger Talking Points for the New Administration
February 21, 2017 from 2:00 to 3:00 pm US ET: Focus on Hunger Across the Globe. Register here
Child Survival Training from MAMA Project
March 3 from 6:00 to 9:00 pm and March 4, 2017 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. | Perkiomenville, Penn. U.S. | Cost: Free (Donations Welcome) | Training covers deworming, micronutrient distribution, detecting malnutrition, training village volunteers to treat health emergencies and more. | Contact Cathleen [at] with questions and to RSVP by February 22, 2017.
Learning Opportunities on Sustainable Community Health and Development at the Jamkhed International Institute, India
Learn about the principles and practice of comprehensive community-based primary health care (CBPHC) at a sustainable program that is an international model, from the staff and villagers who pioneered this transforming experience, through the principles of equity, integration, empowerment, based on their Christian faith and values, bringing health and well-being to their communities for over 40 years. | More about the opportunities for Practitioners, Students and groups of CCIH members here
Contact Connie Gates at jina [at] with questions.
University of Arizona College of Medicine Global Health Clinical and Community Care
This intensive three-week global health course prepares you for clinical and public health challenges encountered in developing country settings. The course is suited for a variety of professionals, including physicians, resident and senior medical students, and other health professionals or students with clinical backgrounds. | September 25 to October 13, 2017 | Tucson, Ariz. U.S. | More information and to register here
GMHC West Coast | February 24-25, 2017 | California Baptist University, Riverside, Calif., U.S. | More 
If you are attending, stop by and visit CCIH member Health Education Program for Developing Communities in the exhibit section!
Africa Christian Health Associations Platform Conference | February 28-March 4, 2017 | Lesotho | More
If you are attending the ACHAP Conference, please let Mona Bormet know at mona.bormet [at]
PRIME International Conference, Restoring the Heart of Healthcare: Fulfilling the Global Vision | March 22-25, 2017 | Northampton, UK | More
CCIH Annual Conference, Strengthening Global Health: Faith at the Center | July 13-15, 2017 | Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md. U.S. | More


Please send your announcements to kathy.erb [at]
Individuals Seeking Opportunities in the CCIH Network
Paul Mosley, MPH, PMP Paul served as Country Director for Rwanda and Burundi for the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) for six years, returning to the US in 2014. In this role, he directed all operations and projects for MCC in Rwanda and Burundi. In the past two years he has completed an MPH and worked as a proposal coordinator for two successful USAID funded WASH proposals and project manager for a USAID funded social enterprise program in Niger. Paul is fluent in French and has extensive work experience in Francophone Africa. He is looking for an opportunity to work in Sub-Saharan Africa or supporting projects in that region with a Christian INGO. Contact Paul at pamosley99 [at]
See a list of individuals seeking opportunities
Opportunities in the CCIH Network 
CCIH Is Hiring
Conference Coordinator (Part-time): CCIH is seeking a Consultant Conference Coordinator to manage the CCIH conference in July 2017. The coordinator will handle logistics, vendor management, registration, scheduling, and administration; and must be able to attend the conference July 12-15, 2017 at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. He/she must be able to attend staff meetings in the Washington, DC area. More information and how to apply
Project Coordinator (Part-time): CCIH is seeking a Project Coordinator to serve as staff for two different CCIH grants focused on various aspects of international family planning and nutrition/food security; advocacy in the U.S. (through university engagement), advocacy in Africa, and engaging religious leaders in family planning. This is an average 2-day per week position. Must be able to attend occasional meetings in the Washington, DC area. More information and how to apply
American Leprosy Missions
Regional Director for Africa: Lead American Leprosy Missions in operationalizing its five-year strategic plan in Africa, which includes growing major programs and related grants. More information
CURE International
Executive Director/Hospital Administrator, Davao City, Philippines: Responsible for overall accountability for the operational, financial and spiritual health of the hospital, as well as any related programs in the country. 
Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon, Niger and Zambia: Opportunity for surgeons who want to be involved in caring for disabled children and playing a vital role in improving the quality of health in a community. Responsible for providing hands-on surgical care.
Physiotherapist, Malawi (Volunteer/Some Expenses Covered): Opportunity for broad-based experience in managing orthopedic conditions in both children and adults in developing nations, while also providing mentoring and practical support to the physiotherapy team.
More information about positions at CURE
MAMA Project
Administrative Assistant, Pennsylvania, U.S. (Part-time): Handle bookkeeping for donations, manage mailings and communications and other tasks as needed. Send resumes to info [at] 
Medical Teams International
Compliance and Grants Officer, Oregon, U.S.: Responsible for the financial accounting and reporting of all grants and contracts for a portfolio of programs and assist with headquarter procurement activities.
Executive Communications Manager, Oregon, U.S.: Develop a strategy and messaging for global health communications and execution across multiple channels. 
Haiti Country Director, Port-au-Prince, Haiti: Guide MTI's work in Haiti representing the organization to key stakeholders. 
Turkey Country Director, Ankara, Turkey: Create and implement the country strategy for MTI's work in Turkey.
Vice President, Field Operations, Oregon, U.S.: Provides strategic and executive leadership for MTI's Field Operations Team of 1000+ staff.
More information about positions at MTI

Fellowship Opportunity for Non-Medical Developing Country Professionals 
Augustine Fellowship
The Augustine Fellowship Program enables service-minded Christians from developing nations who do not work in medical positions such as nursing or other healthcare roles, to work at another institution in another country for a temporary period of time (up to six months). The goal is that the recipient organization gains knowledge from the fellow, and the fellow learns from the organization. 
Children's Nutrition Program of Haiti Communication Fellowship: Manage CNP social medial channels, conduct interviews and collect materials for content, develop compelling content. More information
Centers for Disease Control Public Health Associate Program More information 


We want to hear from you about your work! Contact Kathy Erb at kathy.erb [at] with ideas for articles or information to share.

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