Love, Children and Family Planning Bible Study Discussion Guide Print

 Love, Children and Family Planning (Print Version) | Love, Children and Family Planning (Electronic Version). 2012. This book was produced by Georgetown University’s Institute for Reproductive Health and Christian Connections for International Health in collaboration with Judith Brown, PhD. This Bible discussion guide is meant to be used by small groups – in churches, in neighborhoods and in Christian nursing schools and health centers. It is meant to be discussed and debated by Christians in all walks of life. This was a cooperative effort of Christian health workers, pastors, church leaders, youth, and members of churches in DRCongo, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, and the United States. This guide is currently being used in Kenya. We encourage you to test it in your own program and tailor it to the local context. Your feedback on the tool is welcome. Please contact Lauren VanEnk, with any questions or with your experience using the tool.