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Need assistance starting your resume? Having trouble drafting a cover letter for that job application? CCIH wants to help.

Keep in mind the following tips when applying for jobs in the field of global health & development:
  • Go longer, not shorter. In international work, it is typical to have a 3-5 page resume based upon lengthy international experience.
  • Organize your resume appropriately. Your strongest section, whether it be educational background or work experience, should come first. 
  • Explain your acronyms. Not everyone will understand public health jargon.
  • Make the resume fit the job. Don't be afraid to target the job by highlighting the qualifications that fit it most precisely.
  • Respond to all the job requirements. In your resume or cover letter, make sure you address each required skill.
  • Highlight any and all travel experiences, focusing on those areas of the world that are relevant to the position.
  • Remember the importance of accurately describing your language skills. If you are fluent, especially make note of that. 
  • Do not underestimate your contacts; talk about them! Mentioning names of those you know who may have worked for the organization is always helpful.
  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of the organization's history and efforts today.
  • As always, include a list of current references that can be contacted immediately.
  • Be creative and tell a story about your experiences in your cover letter. It will make your application more memorable.
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