Advocacy and Policy Resources

    Family Planning Advocacy Through Religious Leaders

    CCIH worked with the Christian Health Association of Kenya, the Churches Health Association of Zambia and the Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network to develop this easy-to-use step-by-step guide to train religious leaders to advocate in their own countries for family planning support and services. The guide covers how to develop an advocacy plan, how faith-based organizations can develop trainings for religious leaders, how they can monitor and evaluate the success of their efforts, and more. It  is available in English and French. See a full page of Resources related to the Guide

    Family Planning Advocacy Messages for Religious Leaders

    These messages were developed in collaboration with religious leaders in Kenya, Nigeria and Zambia working with the Christian Health Association of Kenya, the Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network and the Churches Health Association of Zambia. The messages include scripture supporting healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies, health statistics supporting planning pregnancies and the benefits of family planning for families, communities and entire nations. See the Messages

    Healthy Timing and Spacing of Pregnancies Aligns with Christian Values

    This fact sheet, released in July 2018, explores the relationship between Christianity and healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies (also known as HTSP and Family Planning.) It features evidence of the impact of HTSP on the health of children and includes Christian pastors who educate their congregations on family planning to protect their health. See Fact Sheet

    Family Planning Advocacy Fact Sheet

    CCIH produced this document entitled: “Think you know where Christians stand on Family Planning? Think again!” It is a fact sheet on the benefits of family planning and reproductive health, challenging misconceptions and miseducation. It has been translated into a number of languages (see below.)


    Français: Vous Pensez Connaître La Position Des Chrétiens en Matière de Planification Familiale? Détrompez-Vous!


    Español: ¿Usted Cree Que Conoce La Postura de Los Cristianos Respecto de la Planificación Familiar? Pienselo Otra Vez

    Kiswahili: Je, Unafikiri Unajua Mahali Wakristo Wana Simama Kuhusu Uzazi Wa Mpango? Fikiri Tena!

    Religious Leader Statement of Commitment to Family Planning

    Twenty Religious Leaders signed this joint statement expressing their support for family planning and healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies at the Annual General Meeting of the Christian Health Association of Kenya in April, 2018. The leaders are from a variety of Christian denominations, but all share the common belief that the health of mothers and children is vital, and the ability to plan, time and space pregnancies saves lives and improves family and community health and well-being.

    Healthy Families, Healthy Planet

    The General Board of Church and Society of the United Methodist Church’s Healthy Families, Healthy Planet program provides guidance on how to advocate for international family planning programs.

    Advocacy and Terminology

    World Health and Population: An article by CCIH staff and members explores family planning terminology and its relation to advocacy.