International Conference on Family Planning and Faith Involvement

    2016 International Conference on Family Planning

    The 2016 ICFP included a significant and unprecedented amount of participation from the faith community. See coverage of the faith community’s involvement, including media coverage and a Statement of Commitment from FBO leaders.

    2018 ICFP Conference November 12-15, 2018

    Call for abstracts opens January 12, 2018
    Registration Opens May 14, 2018 More

    Maintaining Momentum: Plans and Sponsorship Proposal for 2018

    The faith community made historic progress at ICFP 2016 when 85 faith leaders from 26 nations came together for the first-ever Faith Pre-conference. They discussed best practices in faith-based involvement in family planning and committed to scaling up services to help families with healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies.

    Maintaining this momentum for ICFP 2018 is critical to keeping faith-based organizations on the forefront as crucial partners with governments and other NGOs. See a proposal of activities and sponsorship levels to support faith participation at ICFP 2018 so you and your organization can be part of this emerging movement of faith communities promoting, delivering and advocating for family planning.

    Webinar on ICFP and the Faith Community

    CCIH and Faith to Action Network held a webinar March 13, 2018 to share the progress the faith community has made since the 2016 ICFP and plans for the 2018 conference.

    Amhed Ragab, MD, Professor of Reproductive Health, International Islamic Centre for Population Studies and Research, Al Azhar University discussed the importance of referencing religious texts with respect to family planning.

    Bicbic Chua, Executive Director, Catholics for Reproductive Health emphasized that any advocacy success rests on a good understanding and knowledge of religious leaders’ attitudes and positions and trusted messengers are crucial to reaching religious leaders.

    Peter Munene, Chief Executive Officer, Faith to Action Network shared plans to convene the faith community during ICFP 2018. A small group of faith actors will meet ahead of the main conference to jointly develop advocacy strategies for the coming years, while the main conference will allow to share experiences with broader stakeholders.

    An interactive map showing of faith actors’ advocacy achievements since 2016 was shared by Mona Bormet, MPH, CHES, Program Director for Christian Connections for International Health and is available below. The map is not exhaustive but provides a sample of family planning work by faith-based organizations.