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The CCIH 29th Annual Conference, held June 26-28 in Arlington, VA, USA, attracted 186 attendees from 16 nations, the highest attendance since the conferences began 30 years ago. Attendees ranged from students and recent graduates to CEOs, with four times as many students and CEOs attending in 2015 than attended the conference in 2014. 
Christian fellowship has always been one of the highlights of the CCIH Conference. “In past years I have been privileged to participate in a number of CCIH conferences,” said Dick Stellway, PhD, Facilitator for the Children, AIDS and Adversity Forum with Community Vision International, a ministry serving people with disabilities. “The opportunity to meet and learn from and fellowship with Christians who have dedicated their lives to serving others is always a high point for me.  This year’s conference once again ‘filled this bill’—right from the start.” See more about the conference
Shown above is Linda Funke of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania. Photo: Javier Pierrend


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In this video interview Dr. Mwai Makoka, Executive Director of the Christian Health Association of Malawi explains why religious leaders support family planning to protect the health of mothers and children, and why their support is so critical to the success of family planning programs.

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Christian Global Health Advocates Visit Capitol Hill
On June 29, 2015, 25 advocates from 11 different nations visited Capitol Hill to express their appreciation for U.S. support for global health programs, and share their experiences regarding the critical role faith groups play in health around the globe. Advocates came from Benin, Cameroon, Kenya, Liberia, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia, and the U.S and visited 10 offices in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate.
New CCIH member Wilhelm Stoker of Hope Tech Global said he enjoyed working as a team with others to engage the U.S. government. Dr. Samuel Mwenda of the Christian Health Association of Kenya, who has visited legislators on Capitol Hill a number of times, also found it rewarding.  “I have come home more knowledgeable and greatly inspired to push on the vision towards universal health for all in Africa,” he said.
Pictured above (from left to right) are Diana Tsara of Liberty University, Patience Flomo of Afro-Medical Community Health and Welfare Service in Liberia, Taylor Silva of the office of Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska, Mirfin Mpundu of the Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network in Kenya, Emily Godswill from Nigeria, and Sallie Craig Huber from Massachusetts, USA. 
Sharing the Role of Faith Communities in Global Health
CCIH coordinated a briefing with the offices of Congressman Dave Reichert and Congresswoman Betty McCollum, Co-Chairs of the Congressional Global Health Caucus that was held at lunch time on the day the advocates visited Congressional offices. The briefing was on The Role of Faith Communities in Improving Maternal and Child Health and attracted more than 100 attendees representing a variety of offices in the U.S. House and Senate, along with faith-based and other organizations. It was co-sponsored with CCIH by IMA World Health, SANRU and World Vision.
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Better Access to HIV Services and Family Planning through Integration
Jackie* had been feeling sick off and on for three to four months. The 32-year-old mother of three was known as the Iron Lady in her community in Monrovia, Liberia due to her energetic nature. But lately she did not have the energy she used to and was experiencing symptoms that concerned her. She described her symptoms to a health worker from an Afro-Medical Community Health and Welfare Service (ACHWS) clinic visiting her community during an outreach exercise. The health worker urged her to go to the clinic, where she went through screening, counseling and an HIV test. Jackie’s results were positive for HIV. The clinic staff referred her to a hospital for further lab work and she is now on a treatment regimen. (Photo of clinic staff courtesy of ACHWS.)
Fortunately, Jackie is able to receive her medication at the ACHWS clinic where she was tested. The hospital is far from her home and getting there requires a costly trip, which might reduce the likelihood that she would continue treatment.
ACHWS is affiliated with the Seventh Day Adventist Church and is a CCIH member. The organization’s two clinics in Monrovia provide family planning services, something Jackie is grateful for. She does not want another pregnancy and feels she has all the children she can currently support and care for, especially as she undergoes HIV treatment. The clinic provides implants, IUDs, oral contraceptives, condoms, injectables and education on how to use CycleBeads® for natural family planning. ACHWS receives family planning supplies from the Ministry of Health County Health team when stock is available, and purchases them from local pharmacies when necessary.
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CCIH members continue to respond to the recent earthquakes in Nepal that killed more than 8,000 people and injured many others. Child First Meds (supported by the Lucress and Dick Watson Foundation) recently sent enough emergency medicine and supplies to assist 10,000 people in Nepal for three months. CCIH affiliate, the Dr. Iwamura Memorial Hospital and Research Center is partnering with AmeriCares and delivering supplies to clinics in the Kathmandu Valley. (Photo below of deliveries courtesy of Dr. Iwamura Memorial Hospital)
CCIH asks for your prayers for the people of Nepal. We pray for the staff of CCIH member Nepal Christian Hospitals Association and the Dr. Iwamura Memorial Hospital and Research Center and all the people they care for.
See information about CCIH members providing assistance, share your organization's work, and learn how you can help and/or partner with others in the CCIH network here.


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