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CCIH recently hosted a webinar on the guide, How to Get Contraceptives to Health Facilities: 10 Questions for Community-Based Groups featuring Gary Steele of John Snow, Inc. and Amy Metzger of CCIH. The guide was developed in response to ongoing interest of members and affiliates who want to introduce or expand contraceptive services for the patients they serve. Reliable family planning supplies are vital in reducing maternal and child mortality, and in improving the economies of families. And contraceptives can save the lives of women for whom pregnancy is contraindicated. The guide offers a flexible, hands-on approach to priority steps for ensuring a steady supply of contraceptives. 

CCIH is interested receving comments on the guide from those who have experience securing contraceptives for community-based facilities. Please email Amy Metzger with comments. 

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Family planning and its role in improving maternal and child health is not well understood in much of the world, including the United States. Many global health professionals have found that providing access to family planning services and information enables families to safely space the births of their children and grow at a rate they can afford, and reduces abortions. 

To help CCIH members and others reach out to build support for international family planning, we have adapted our Mother's Day eCard (pictured above) and advocacy resources for use at any point during the year. The eCard can be sent to friends, family members and colleagues to raise awareness and remind them of the benefits of family planning on maternal and child health, and lead them to the list of CCIH family planning advocacy resources. The resources include fact sheets and sample letters to Congress and op-eds. Visit to send the eCard View CCIH Family Planning Advocacy Resources  

Get Family Planning Updates from a Faith Perspective from the New CCIH Family Planning Listserv

CCIH has launched a new listserv to share news and information related to Christians and other faith-based groups working on issues of family planning and reproductive health. To join, send a blank email to and follow the subscription instructions in the email response. 

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CCIH has recently been accepted as an Associate Member of the Core Group. The Core Group is a network of nonprofit organizations, originally recipients of USAID child survival grants, that joined together to advance child survival and health. The network includes a number of CCIH members. CCIH has collaborated with the Core Group for a number of years, and official membership creates new opportunities for more formal and structured cooperation.

Associate membership in the Core Group is part of CCIH's continuing efforts to further child survival. Another recent CCIH initiative supporting child survival is collaboration with the GAVI Alliance to recognize and expand the role of faith-based organizations in delivering and promoting childhood immunizations.

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CCIH Executive Director Ray Martin to Receive APHA International Health 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award 

CCIH Executive Director Ray Martin has been selected to receive the 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award for the 1500-member International Health Section of the American Public Health AssociationAccording to the APHA, the International Health Section award honors "the visionaries and leaders in APHA who have shaped the direction of international health." 

"I am honored to be selected for this award, and am especially pleased to be in the company of CCIH members who have received the award through the years, including Dr. Henry Mosley, Dr. Carl Taylor, Drs. Warren and Gretchen Berggren, Dr. Samir Banoob, Dr. Tom Hall, Dr. John Wyon, and Dr. Jack Bryant," said Martin. "I am sure that my long career with USAID and the World Bank was a factor in the selection, but that doesn’t distinguish me from many other professional colleagues. I believe it was my service with CCIH that resulted in the award. CCIH, with its members, has helped to bring greater visibility to the major role played by the faith community in global health. While it is a treasured honor for me personally, I want all of us in CCIH to share in this recognition." The award will be given on October 30, 2012 at the annual meeting of APHA in San Francisco. 

Ray Martin has been CCIH Executive Director since 2000. He has 45 years experience as an international development and public health specialist managing the design, implementation and evaluation of large health and population programs. In a 25-year career with USAID, he was chief of the Health, Population, and Nutrition offices in Zaire, Pakistan and Cameroon. Martin also served in Ghana and Morocco with USAID. Starting in 1992 he worked several years on African programs as a public health specialist at the World Bank. More about Ray Martin's career in global health

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AIDS 2012 came to a close Friday, July 27. It was the first International AIDS Conference in the U.S. in 20 years and attracted 23,767 people from 183 different countries, according to the AIDS 2012 Local Secretariat. The realization that faith communities have been helping those affected by HIV/AIDS since the beginning of the epidemic and will be around for as long as people are suffering from the disease were messages shared by both government and faith leaders at events surrounding the conference. 

Conference Coverage

Ambassador Eric Goosby tells Interfaith Pre-Conference "Role of the Faith Community in AIDS Response is 'Untold Story'" | View full report from the Interfaith Pre-Conference

Funding Sustainability for Church-Sponsored HIV Programs from Global Fund and PEPFAR | View full report from the Catholic Pre-Conference

White House Forum on Partnerships, Stigma, and Affordable Medicines | View Full Report

Turning the Tide for Women & Girls: Report from session with U.S. Secretary Kathleen Sebelius; Dr. Rajiv Shah, USAID; Eric Goosby, PEPFAR; Dr. Thomas Frieden, CDC; Ambassador Melanne Verveer, State Department; Thokozani Khupe, Deputy Prime Minister of Zimbabwe | View full report

Summit on the Role of the Christian Faith Community in Global Health and HIV/AIDS | View full report

Other Resources

UNAIDS released the latest statistics on HIV/AIDS in Together We Will End AIDS

Center for Strategic and International Studies iTunes Course on AIDS Conference History and Significant Outcomes | View Course

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