CCIH Network and Partner Resources

Hesperian Fact Sheet and Illustrations | Hesperian developed a fact sheet with illustrations that is easily understood by the layperson on Zika, its symptoms, and how to take personal and community-wide precautions to limit its spread. It is available in a number of languages to ensure the information reaches the people who need it the most. | English | Spanish | French | Portuguese | Haitan Kreyol

AmeriCares Webinar | AmeriCares held a webinar February 3, 2016 on the Zika virus and how local communities are dealing with the risks and dangers of the virus. CCIH Board President Dr. Anne Peterson, AmeriCares and Dr. Julie Varghese, AmeriCares covered what is happening now, how Zika is spread, how to recognize symptoms and how a clinic in El Salvador on the front lines of the crisis is responding. Webinar