Emergency Response

Emergency response is a critical part of the work of many faith-based organizations, who respond before, during and after crises and emergencies to provide care, protection and services for people in need.

Online Training for Refugee Workers

Redcliffe College is a Christian organization that provides online training for professionals who work with refugees. Training covers topics such as understanding refugees, their experiences and the resulting impact, building cultural awareness and recognizing cultural implications, and recognizing and understanding loss, stress, and trauma. It includes PTSD Case studies to help workers make wise decisions. Learn more

Response to the Nepalese Earthquake

Information about the response of CCIH members to the massive April 2015 earthquake in Nepal in order to facilitate partnership building in case of future needs.

Adventist Development and Relief Agency

American Leprosy Missions

Child First Meds responded with medicine

Emmanuel Hospital Association-India sent its Disaster Management Team and vehicles to distribute supplies, provide medical care and assess needs.

Engineering Ministries International mobilized teams of civil engineers to help with water and sanitation, and teams of structural engineers to assess and develop repair details for damaged buildings.

International Aid International Aid prepared disaster relief products and medical equipment for use in Nepal.

Medical Teams International

Salvation Army World Service Office

Samaritan’s Purse Samaritan’s Purse provided post-earthquake trauma and orthopedic related surgical care; and operated several medical camps in outlying rural villages.

United Church of Christ Global Ministries