Integration of Faith and Health

Integrating faith and health and holistic care are integral to how Christians approach our work caring for people in need. Here are a variety of webinars, training opportunities, and websites about holistic care and integrating faith and health care.

Integration of Faith and Health Working Group

CCIH has five working groups relating to global health issues and the work of faith-based organizations. The working groups contribute to CCIH programming in that area. If you are interested in learning about or joining the Integration of Faith and Health Working Group, please contact Hannah Fields at hannah.fields (at)

Learn more about the Working Group Co-chairs and Charter.

Training Opportunities

Community Health Evangelism (CHE) Training of Trainers | by Christian Health Service Corps | Participants in the highly interactive CHE Training of Trainers 1 (CHE TOT1) will learn approaches to teaching physical and spiritual topics that equip individuals and communities to identify issues and mobilize resources for positive growth and development. Participatory learning activities are employed through large and small group discussions, various hands-on activities, and methods that can be replicated in the community setting. Check listings for upcoming dates.


Healing and the Church: What Is Our Calling? | September 18, 2019

Helping people become healthy is at the very heart of the Church’s calling. It is how Jesus conducted His ministry while on earth. In this webinar, we discussed what health means from a Christian perspective and how the Church can respond to emotional and physical ills in a holistic way. What are the main tenets of Kingdom Health Care? What makes Christian health care unique and what is special about Christian health providers? We also explored the effect of a patient’s environment on their health, and the Christian response to environmental challenges, and more.

Featuring: Mike Soderling, MD, Founder, Health for All Nations, Co-Founder of the Christian Journal for Global Health and Carolyn Klaus, MD, Founder of the Esperanza Health Center and Author of Prescription for Hope. The session was moderated by Milton Amayun, MD, President, International Care Ministries.

Emergency Survival Guide for Leaders: Faith that Leads the Way and Calms the Storm | June 5, 2018

In this thought-provoking webinar we heard from two global health leaders, author and Senior Fellow Emeritus at MSH Dr. Jonathan Quick and Carrie Hessler-Radelet, President & CEO of Project Concern International and former Peace Corps Director about how their faith guided them during extremely challenging times during their personal and professional lives. The webinar was moderated by Doug Fountain, CCIH Interim Executive Director.

CCIH Webinar on Integrating Our Faith with Our Work in Health | May 25, 2017

This thoughtful discussion featuring Victor Nakah, Senior Vice President of Spiritual Ministry with CURE International and Rachel Parrill, Associate Professor of Nursing, Cedarville University, explored questions on how we integrate our faith with our health work. We examined:

What does the Bible say about integrated ministry?
How do you integrate health care with spiritual care?
What Biblical principles apply to working with diverse and vulnerable populations?
What does it mean to provide whole person care?

The session was moderated by Paul Hudson, MD, Health Consultant, SIM

Blogs and Thought Pieces

Cultivating Unity in Global Health | CCIH 2021 Conference sponsor Health for All Nations and the Christian Journal for Global Health wrote this piece about how the organizations have  sought to identify and fill the gaps in the Church’s understanding of health, from an evidence-based and biblical perspective, and to assist the Church in applying that understanding toward the unified goal of health being available to all peoples.

Integrating Faith and Health: An Applied Theological Framework | Dr. Dan O’Neill authored this blog in conjunction with the CCIH 2020 Conference, which was centered on the theme of Holistic Care of Body, Mind & Spirit. Dr. O’Neill explores how the Church can rise above idealogical differences to work in global health and integrate physical, mental and spiritual healing, asking the question:  What informs a truly Christian response in a context of these perspectives?

Resources for and about Churches

Best Practices in Global Health Missions | This site of best practices was produced by an international working group of Christian scholars, leaders and practitioners from diverse backgrounds seeking to promote best practices guidelines for the planning, execution, integration and follow-through of cross-cultural health missions.

Tearfund Footsteps Magazine – 2017 Issue 102 | This issue of Tearfund’s magazine, Footsteps, focuses on the integration of faith and health and features articles on Faith, the Church and Health Care; a Bible Study on why Christians should go to doctors, Faith Communities and Mental Health; and much more.

The Healing Church. The Tübingen Consultation | This classic discussion of the intersection between faith and the role of the Christian church in healing, “The Healing Church,” was a product of the Tübingen Consultation in 1964 and released by the World Council of Churches in 1965. It contains much wisdom that is timeless and relevant today.

Health Promoting Churches – Reflections for Commemorative Health Days | 2020 | Dr. Mwai Makoka, World Council of Churches | These reflections have been prepared for Christian congregations to use for reflection on commemorative days. The reflections are short enough to be read during a church service on the Sunday closest to the commemorative day, but can also be read and discussed in small groups, such as midweek prayers, Bible study, or youth groups.