Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) is critical for all organizations. The purpose of MEL practices and procedures is to apply knowledge gained from evidence and analysis of your programs to improve outcomes and ensure accountability. Before planning activities, it is important to set goals and objectives of what you are trying to achieve and identify what you need to know to ensure that the data you collect will help as you make decisions. Remember that MEL is not the end goal, but it will help keep your programs on track and continually improving.

Here are some MEL resources and tools:

  • USAID MEL Toolkits: MEL and Collaborating, Learning and Adaptive (CLA) Toolkits from the USAID Learning Lab provide USAID staff and partners with the resources to plan, implement and integrate monitoring, evaluating and CLA-related practices into USAID programming.
  • MEASURE Evaluation developed and applied a variety of tools to strengthen health information systems and improve decision making in the health sector.
  • Better Evaluation: This web-based toolkit was developed to help program managers in New South Wales (Australia) government agencies manage evaluations (including those undertaken by internal or external evaluators, or by a combination of both).

You may find it helpful to partner with research institutions to develop robust M&E framework and activities for your programs.