Non-Communicable Diseases

CCIH Member Work in Non-Communicable Diseases

Report from the ACHAP 2013 Conference | The theme of the 2013 Africa Christian Health Associations Platform (ACHAP) conference was NCDs.

The Christian Health Association of Kenya has programs to address NCDs, including programs on Hypertension and Diabetes. Learn More

IMA World Health addresses NCDs, including childhood cancer. Learn more


Novartis Access Program

The Novartis Access Program provides medicines for NCDs at affordable prices. The program works with CCIH members, including the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services, the Christian Health Association of Kenya, the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops and MEDS (Mission for Essential Drugs and Supplies).  See a piece in Huffington Post by CCIH member David Olson on Dr. Samuel Mwenda of CHAK and his involvement in NCDs.

Know Your Numbers report from the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services covers work CBCHS did in collaboration with Novartis to enhance disease screening for the period of April to September 2016. The Know Your Numbers initiative promotes awareness on the burden, risk factors and prevention of NCDs as well as risk exposure assessment to improve health choices.