Ebola Reports and Resources

    Samaritan’s Purse webinar (August 2015) with Dr. Kent Brantly on his experiences in the early days of the Ebola outbreak and his personal experiences as a patient and answering the call to serve.

    Ebola: We May Have Won the Battle but We Haven’t Won the War | This opinion piece on NPR’s blog (March 2016) by Karin Huster gives an extensive review of the Ebola crisis and lessons learned. Ms. Huster highlights the early involvement of influential religious leaders in educational efforts in the three West African nations as a missed opportunity. She also discusses the use of cultural anthropologists by the CDC. Karin Huster served as acting senior humanitarian adviser to the Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance and as clinical lead of an Ebola treatment unit with Doctors without Borders in Guinea and Partners in Health in Sierra Leone.


    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) | The CDC released The Road to Zero: CDC’s Response to the West African Ebola Epidemic (July 2015), which details the agency’s response through the eyes of CDC responders, through photos and stories of their own experiences. The document includes the experiences of CCIH member Dan Martin (and nephew of CCIH Executive Director Emeritus Ray Martin) from his work in West Africa last fall.

    Keeping the Faith: The Role of Faith Leaders in the Ebola Response | August 2015 | A joint report by TearFund, Christian Aid, CAFOD (the official Catholic aid agency for England and Wales) and Islamic Relief Worldwide examines the response of the faith community, and in particular of faith leaders, to the 2014 West African Ebola outbreak. It offers recommendations for how faith leaders can support the recovery efforts of the affected countries and contributes to the discussion of the broader role of faith in humanitarian response. A summary of the study is available here.

    World Faiths Development Dialogue (May 2016)  released a case study, Responding to the Ebola Epidemic in West Africa: What Role Does Religion Play? Religious actors played various roles throughout the epidemic. This case study highlights the complex institutional roles of religious actors and positive—and less positive—aspects of their involvement.

    Response to Ebola: Mapping Religious Networks and FIOs | October 2014 | World Faiths Development Dialogue | This report provides a list of faith-based organizations, where they are working, and how they are responding to the Ebola outbreak.

    Briefing on Ebola and the Untapped Potential of Religious Networks | October 2014 | World Faiths Development Dialogue | Faith-based organizations are at the forefront of the medical response to Ebola in many areas and religious leaders are often looked to in highly religious societies for care and guidance. This briefing examines the potential for faith-based organizations and religious networks to be a valuable resource during the Ebola outbreak.