CCIH Staff

Administration, Finance and Membership:

Doug Fountain, Executive Director | doug.fountain (at)

Rhina Zavala, Finance and Administration Manager | rhina.zavala (at)

May Poduschnick, Membership Coordinator | may.poduschnick (at)

For questions on membership or CCIH conferences, contact  membership (at) and conference (at)


Mona Bormet, Program Director | mona.bormet (at)

Carolyn O’Brien, Program Advisor | carolyn.obrien (at)

Deirdre Church, Program Coordinator | (at)

Communications and Advocacy:

Kathy Erb, Communications Director | kathy.erb (at)

Hannah Fields, Communications Coordinator | hannah.fields (at)

Bob Noziglia, Advocacy Manager | bob.noziglia (at)




Mailing address:

5810 Kingstowne Center Drive
Suite 120-764
Alexandria, VA 22315

Telephone: +1 703-923-8960

Email: ccih (at)


Media Inquiries

For media inquiries, call +1 703-923-8960 and select Communications, or email kathy.erb (at)