Working Group Transition

Since 2015, CCIH Working Groups helped chart our technical directions, organized webinars and forums, identified conference topics and speakers, and guided CCIH initiatives.

In order to enhance our ability to adapt and address emerging issues, the CCIH Board approved a staff recommendation to restructure the Working Groups and sunset them in their current form when their Charters end in September 2023. CCIH will launch a new structure of time-limited Task Forces after September and the current Working Group Co-Chairs will transition to Technical Advisors for CCIH in their areas of expertise.

Working Group Leadership

Community-Based Prevention and Care Working Group Chairs
Ruth Kayima, MPH
Ruth Kayima is Health and Gender Coordinator for East Africa for World Renew and provides technical support for teams and partners in the design and implementation of community-based programs. She holds a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Nairobi and a Master of Public Health from The Makerere University College of Health Sciences.
Henry Perry, MD, MPH
Henry Perry is Senior Associate in the Health Systems Program of the Department of International Health at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. He has a long-standing interest in community health, community empowerment, equity, primary health care and community-based delivery of evidence-based interventions. His primary research interest concerns the impact of community-based primary health care programs on health improvement.

CBPC Working Group Charter

See Resources about Community-Based Prevention and Care

CCIH Staff Liaison: Carolyn O’Brien, contact carolyn.obrien (at) if you are a CCIH member interested in joining the Community-Based Prevention and Care Working Group.

Data and Mapping Working Group Chairs
Edwin Sam Asirvatham, PhD
Edwin Sam is a Technical Advisor with the Health Systems Research India Initiative. He holds a PhD in Health Systems & Policy and a Post-Graduate degree in Health Management. He has over 20 years of experience in public health. His specific areas of interest include analysis of health systems performance, public-private collaboration in health, development of health reform strategies and policies that lead to overall effectiveness, efficiency, and equity in health services.
Barbara Campbell, RPh, CCN
Barbara Campbell, RPh, CCN is Executive Director of the Dalton Foundation, where she develops and implements strategic programs and partner relationships to support health system strengthening in contexts in which the organization works. She served in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, and subsequently worked in Haiti for over five years. Barbara also serves as Vice President of the CCIH Board of Directors.

Data and Mapping Working Group Charter

CCIH Staff Liaison: Bob Noziglia, contact bob.noziglia (at) if you are a CCIH member interested in joining the Mapping and Data Working Group.


Integration of Faith and Health Working Group Chairs
Judith Johnson-Grant
Rev. Judith Johnson-Grant is an ordained and accredited minister of the Jamaica Baptist Union with twelve years of experience as a congregational pastor. She is a postgraduate researcher in the field of Faith and Health through the University of the West Indies and has worked at the nexus between the two both locally and regionally. She is a member of the National Advisory body for Alzheimer’s and Dementia, STRiDE Jamaica and the Global Health Platform, World Council of Churches.
Jason Paltzer, PhD, MPH Jason Paltzer is the Senior Director of Research and Innovation for Kingdom Workers. He is experienced in health promotion, disease prevention, community development, teaching and assisting community-based global health organizations with participatory assessment and evaluation methods. Previously, he served as an Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at Baylor University.

Integration of Faith and Health Working Group Charter

See Resources about Integration of Faith and Health

CCIH Staff Liaison: Hannah Fields, contact hannah.fields (at) if you are a CCIH member interested in joining the Integration of Faith and Health Working Group.


Health of Women and Children Working Group Chairs
Allison Flynn, MPH
Allison Flynn is Senior Program Advisor for Health & Nutrition, World Relief. Ms. Flynn is currently based in Malawi where she provides technical support to World Relief’s family-centric health and nutrition portfolio at the global level with specific emphasis on programs in Sub-Saharan Africa. Allison holds an MPH from University of Illinois at Chicago with concentrations in Global Maternal and Child Health and Community Health Sciences.
Paul Mosley, MPH
Paul Mosley has an MPH from the George Washington University and serves as Country Director for Mennonite Central Committee in Ethiopia. Until recently he has worked coordinating health programs for MCC in Tanzania, including a care group based maternal and child health project the among Maasai, reduction of FGM among high prevalence communities in Northern Tanzania, and improving health outcomes for people with albinism who are diagnosed with skin cancer.

Health of Women and Children Working Group Charter

See Resources about the Health of Women and Children

CCIH Staff Liaison: Deirdre Church, contact (at) if you are a CCIH member interested in joining the Health of Women and Children Working Group.

Leadership and Governance Working Group Chairs
Vuyelwa Tenjiwe Sidile Chitimbire, MSc, MBA Vuyelwa Tenjiwe Sidile Chitimbire is the Executive Director of the Zimbabwe Association of Church Related Hospitals (ZACH). She has more than 30 years’ experience in the health sector. She specializes in the management, planning, appraisal and reform of the health sector, including systems analysis, change management, institutional strengthening and project management.
Perry Jansen, MD, MPH, DTMH
Perry Jansen serves as Vice President at African Mission Healthcare. AMH works with mission hospitals to strengthen human, physical and organizational infrastructure toward becoming teaching hospitals. Perry spent 16 years in Malawi and is founder of the Malawi non-profit, Partners in Hope (PIH). PIH is one of the largest providers of HIV treatment and institutional capacity building in the region.

Leadership and Governance Working Group Charter

CCIH Staff Liaison: May Poduschnick, contact may.poduschnick (at) if you are a CCIH member interested in joining the Leadership and Governance Working Group.text



Douglas Huber, MD, MSc, Senior Technical Advisor for Reproductive Health
Dr. Douglas Huber has worked more than 40 years in international health with a focus on reproductive health, research, and innovative community health projects that changed national practices. As a missionary for the Episcopal Church, he was the HIV/AIDS Advisor to the Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa. He served with USAID and on WHO expert committees for standards and guidelines on family planning practices. Dr. Huber was the 2014 recipient of the CCIH Christian International Health Champion Award.

Legacy Staff

Ray Martin, MPH, Executive Director Emeritus
Ray Martin served as CCIH Executive Director from 2000 to 2014. In a 25-year career with USAID, he was Chief of the Health, Population, and Nutrition offices in Africa and Pakistan. He also worked several years with The World Bank. Ray’s international career began as a Mennonite volunteer in Africa. In October 2012, Ray Martin received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Health Section of the American Public Health Association.


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