June 10, 2021 by Rebecca Strachan, CCIH Intern The CCIH 2021 conference attracted 503 people from 51 countries. It was a time of learning, sharing, and joining with Christian brothers and sisters in prayer and fellowship as well as connecting and hearing from other partners.… More

Abbott: Bringing Quality Care Closer to Home
May 27, 2021

Three hours. That’s how long Eugenie walked toward a distant health center while in labor. But despite her best efforts, she didn’t make it – she delivered her son on the side of the road,…

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Sickle Cell Disease: New Solutions for Diagnosis and Management
May 21, 2021

by Patti White, CEO, Hemex Health Sickle cell disease (SCD) is one of the most common and severe of all inherited hematological disorders, causing substantial morbidity and mortality on par with diseases like Malaria and…

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