What Is CCIH Membership?

Christian Connections for International Health (CCIH) is a global network of Christian organizations and individuals committed to advancing health and wholeness. CCIH offers membership to individuals and to nonprofit Christian organizations working in global health and development. Additional organizations that may not identify as Christian, such as corporations or interfaith organizations, may join the CCIH network as affiliates.

Why Be A CCIH Member?

CCIH provides a forum for capacity strengthening and technical excellence, advocacy, networking, and fellowship to Christian organizations and individuals working in global health. We do this by providing opportunities for:

  • Capacity Strengthening – through skills building sessions and sharing recommended practices, helpful resources, and funding opportunities.
  • Advocacy – raising awareness of the unique value of faith-based health services among governments, and other secular and faith-based partners and supporters.
  • Networking and Fellowship – providing opportunities for dialogue and building partnerships and nurturing the spiritual core of our work.

Hear from our members from across the globe as they share why they chose to be part of CCIH.

What You Can Expect from CCIH Membership

  • Tell your story. We offer opportunities for you to share news and impacts and learnings from your work with a variety of audiences. CCIH members can share stories with us here.
  • Access resources and partners to advance your programs. We share funding notices and seek to broker networks and consortia of faith-based actors and partners to increase opportunities for donor support.
  • Increase adaptive learning and capacity strengthening. We provide tools, guidance and knowledge to help you respond to the call for evidence-based practice and applying emerging global guidelines to local contexts.
  • Belong to an influential global movement. We amplify your voice and advocate for faith-based organizations as vital actors in global health to policy makers and funders at local, national and international levels.
  • Strengthen your integration of faith and health. We guide our network to pray for our collective impact on the physical and spiritual health of those we serve and include specific prayer points about the work of our members. We provide ways for you to join in fellowship with other Christians working in health and explore how Christian faith adds perspective and motivation to your work.

Expectations of Our Members

CCIH thrives on an active and engaged network, which benefits all members and the greater good of Christian work in global health. To this end, we have certain expectations of CCIH members, explained in our Member Compact.

Who Are CCIH Members?

CCIH members include over 100 organizations and affiliates, plus hundreds of individuals who work in over 90 countries. These members include non-governmental organizations, church networks, Christian Health Associations, volunteer and product donation agencies, and other support organizations. Universities, colleges, academic departments and student groups can also apply for CCIH membership. Find links to listings of organizational members and affiliates below.



How to Become a CCIH Member

CCIH Organizational Members and Affiliates must apply and be approved for membership. Individual members are not required to go through an approval process. Visit this page for the links to the applications for the different membership types and for instructions explaining what organizations need to have before they apply. If you have any questions, please reach out to membership (at) ccih.org. We look forward to hearing from you!

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