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CCIH is hiring a Vaccine Hesitancy Consultant based in Sierra Leone. This project is part of CCIH’s work with the USAID-funded Momentum Country & Global Leadership, and will identify and begin to address concerns among religious leaders and faith-based health services around vaccination. The consultant will facilitate 2-3 focus groups in Sierra Leone to test a toolkit for faith leaders/communities and ministries of health for addressing immunization myths and misconceptions. See Listing

Positions at CCIH Members

American Leprosy Missions is hiring a Major Gifts Officer See Listing

Blessings International is hiring for the following positions:

CURE International is hiring the following positions:

Medical Benevolence Foundation is hiring a Director of the MBF Center for Global Nursing Development, See Listing

Medical Teams International is hiring the following positions:

World Council of Churches is hiring a number of positions. See Listings

World Vision is hiring. Please visit World Vision Jobs to find the listings.

CCIH members may submit job listings to Hannah Fields at hannah.fields (at) ccih.org. 


CCIH engages undergraduate or graduate level students to serve as Interns in the fields of Communications, Health Programs, Policy, Finance, and Administration. These internships coincide with academic semesters and depending on the student’s school, may be applied for credit. Please see the CCIH Internship Program Description. If you are interested in applying, please complete this form. Thank you!

Global Health Action (GHA) has Internship and Practicum Opportunities! GHA has trained more than 9,000 health professionals and community leaders from 97 countries around the globe. These efforts have stimulated the creation of thousands of sustainable health and development programs addressing the world’s most pressing health problems. GHA is currently seeking a Program Assistant Intern. See Listing

Networking Corner

Members Offering Services


Dr. Milton Amayun is a Global Health, Nutrition and Development Specialist who is available for consultancies to lead, build and support quality health and nutrition programs that align with the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through a development institution focused on global health issues, both in the Philippines and in other developing
countries.  Dr. Amayun was the President of International Care Ministries Foundation in the Philippines from February 2015 to December 2020.  Prior to that, he was Senior Health Advisor for USAID Philippines, Family Health Team Leader for USAID Benin.  He is currently Health and Nutrition Cluster Lead, Zero Extreme Poverty (ZEP) Philippines and the Lead Convenor for the ZEP Health and Nutrition Cluster, a coalition of more than 120 civil society organizations committed to eliminating extreme poverty in the Philippines by 2030. Dr. Amayun is also a Visiting Lecturer in Global Health, National University of Singapore (NUS) Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health. He is fluent in French, Spanish, Tagalog and Ilocano in addition to English. Contact him at mamayun (at) gmail.com

If you are a CCIH member seeking new opportunities you may send us a brief paragraph about your experience and education and the type of position you are seeking to be listed here. Contact ccih (at) ccih.org for more instructions.

Emmanuel Hospital Association Short-Term Missions

EHA welcomes the expertise of medical professionals from other countries. If you would like to serve a short-term (two weeks to two months or more) in a medical facility in India, learn more here

Helping Children Worldwide

Helping Children Worldwide will be sending a team to Sierra Leone from October 16-October 31, 2022. If you would like to serve on a short-term mission at Mercy Hospital in Sierra Leone, learn more here.

Service Opportunities with SIM

SIM’s vision is to be a witness to Christ’s love where He is least known; to be disciples of Jesus expressing God’s love in their communities, and see Christ-centered churches among all peoples.

SIM Galmi Hospital is located in the southern central area of Niger, approximately 500 km east of the capital, Niamey. It is a 184 bed hospital that employs 240 local staff. The hospital is currently seeking to fill the following five positions:

1. Hospital Director
2. Finance Director
3. Biomedical Engineer
4. Construction Manager
5. IT Manager

The SIM Danja Fistula Center in Niger is seeking a Fistula Surgeon. Responsibilities include:

a. Provide quality care for women with obstetric fistulas, and other gynecological conditions needing surgery, including preparation for surgery, and post-operative care.
b. Oversee all medical staff, especially the operating room staff.
c. Provide strategic input for other aspects of the DFC ministry, such as recruitment of patients, re-integration, evangelism counseling, training and obstetric fistula prevention.
d. Experience/interest in training others in fistula management and surgery is highly desirable.

For more information on these openings, please contact: niger.personnel (at) sim.org

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