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CHAMC’s Latest Milestones: New Hub Launch & CHP Brief

March 25, 2024


The Christian Health Asset Mapping Consortium (CHAMC) is an association of organizations addressing the urgent need for quality data and information on the Christian health asset landscape across the globe.

Established in 2022, founding members include:

CCIH serves as the Secretariat for the Consortium.

We are pleased to announce two new exciting updates for CHAMC:

  1. Launch of the new virtual CHAMC Hub. This new hub includes important information on CHAMC, publications and resources, and a dataset registry. Take a moment to explore the hub to learn more about how CHAMC is filling the critical data gap in the Christian health asset landscape, review new data briefs and articles, and check out the data dashboards to visualize the locations and types of health assets that have been registered with CHAMC. If you are the owner or manager of a relevant dataset, please submit a new registry entry through the registry submission form on the hub. 
  2. Publication of the “Review and Analysis of Faith-Based Community Health Programs” brief. CHAMC completed a review and analysis of faith-based CHPs to highlight their critical role in delivering healthcare to underserved communities and the importance of community health workers who support them. A representative sample of 168 FBOs was researched and contacted, and 30 of the FBOs were found to operate a total of 208 CHPs in 26+ countries. CHPs were classified using two frameworks, dividing them into eleven focus areas and five methods of intervention. The brief calls attention to the lack of information available about where and how faith-based CHPs work, as well as their impact on the health system.

If you are interested in receiving updates on the work of CHAMC and joining in the conversation on Christian health asset mapping, please join CCIH’s new Google Group (listserv) by visiting this link: and “Ask to join group.”

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