Save the Date! The CCIH 2020 Conference will be June 4-6 at Catholic University in Washington, DC, USA. Our theme is Holistic Care of Body, Mind and Spirit, which is fundamental to Christian health care.

Christian healthcare is known for its holistic nature: we care for the person as a whole, including body, mind and spirit. Join us as we explore how we can:

  • Live this truth out in communities and health care facilities.
  • Care for the most vulnerable among us, including foreigners and refugees.
  • Care for those with mental health issues and those with physical disabilities.
  • Remember social determinants of health that affect each person within a community.
  • Work as a faith community to contribute to the global sustainable development goals.

We are made in the image of God and moved by our love for Christ to serve others. This is the Missio Dei – the mission of God. This truth compels us to encompass best practices through skills, work and places God has set before us.

Stay tuned for more information about abstract submission, registration and more!


Catholic University, Washington, DC, USA

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