Small Grants to Strengthen CCIH Members

CCIH seeks to support CCIH members to strengthen their overall health systems in short-term, small projects. CCIH members can apply for funding in two tracks, all under the umbrella of Health Systems Strengthening: 1) Organization Capacity Building and/or 2) Advocacy.

For that purpose, CCIH will award grants of maximum value $3,000 to $15,000 USD. Funds are limited for this program and not all qualified applicants will be funded.

Activities should be linked to the following health systems strengthening areas (based on the WHO Health Systems Building Blocks):

  1. Access to essential medicines and supplies, which includes equipment
  2. Financing, which includes increasing revenue and improving financial management
  3. Service Delivery, including facilities as well as clinical services
  4. Health Workforce, including both sufficient numbers of health workers and training
  5. Health Information Systems, including data as well as learning systems
  6. Leadership and Governance, including executive- and board-level issues
  7. Community mobilization and community health workers

Program Purpose and Objective

The purpose of the program is to build an organization’s capacity to conduct effective short-term, time-bound advocacy and health systems strengthening work. Examples of activities that may be supported by this include:

  • Access to training for staff, board and/or stakeholders
  • Development and dissemination of materials
  • Participation in an organization capacity assessment and creation of a capacity action plan and/or activities related to certain steps in your action plan
  • Purchase or acquisition of a technology that will enable you to strengthen your supply chain, your M&E capacity, track and report financials, or other administrative functions
  • Activities to encourage governments and donors to support strategic and consistent engagement of faith-based organizations in local health initiatives, such as meetings or events that draw together experts and decision makers

Preference will be given to applications that highlight or expand ongoing advocacy and/or organization capacity-building efforts to promote health systems strengthening. While funding can be used to pay staff, the grant is intended to support new activities or expansion of existing activities rather than simply maintain support for existing initiatives. We want to encourage the organization – from various staff to board to clients – to be engaged in the advocacy and health systems strengthening process.

Requirements and Limitations

Laws and norms related to lobbying vary from country to country; CCIH will not fund activities that include lobbying for specific bills in consideration in government, mobilization of populations to support a political party or partisan cause, or support for election campaigns.

This grant requires simple end-of-project reporting. Reporting is for your benefit broadly and is not meant to be intrusive or onerous. This will also help us to raise visibility for your work with decision makers, help CCIH advocate for your work, and help others know what you are trying to do so they can help. Examples of reporting methods include:

  • Photos or Videos (with consent forms)
  • Blog Post
  • Participation in an annual virtual webinar/forum discussion
  • End-of-project narrative report, financial report, and After Action Review (AAR) virtual discussion

Eligibility Criteria:

  • CCIH Organizational Member in good standing OR a legally established faith-based organization in which a CCIH Individual member has an officer or governing role
  • Registration to operate in a low- or middle-income country in which the work will take place
  • Pass a basic background check and verification of legal status to carry out the proposed work and control over bank accounts used for the grant
  • Application turned in on time with all information completed, including goals and implementation plan


The most recent application acceptance period closed May 6, 2022.

Contact grants (at) with questions.

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