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CCIH Organization Capacity Assessment Tools

As a partner and supporter of many faith-based organizations, CCIH understands that each organization is at different stages of growth and development, and that there is a unique opportunity to provide comprehensive and targeted support. CCIH developed a tool and process to strengthen the organizational effectiveness and impact of these partners to promote local ownership and work with organizations to develop realistic and sustainable areas for organizational growth.

To help FBOs evaluate their effectiveness, and identify where to focus improvement efforts, CCIH developed a set of Organization Capacity Assessment (OCA) tools with supporting guidance and a process to strengthen their organizational effectiveness and impact. Below you can learn more about the tools and find links to the tools.

Overview of OCA Tools

Preliminary OCA: As CCIH expanded their scope and partnerships through new programs and grants, it was essential to identify a solution to streamlining a pre-award risk assessment process to better understand an organization’s ability or “fitness” to implement major donor funds. CCIH reviewed risk assessment tools from World Relief, Jhpiego, Americares, and the US Government’s NUPAS, and adapted these to fit the unique needs of CCIH and partner organizations. CCIH named this the Preliminary Organizational Capacity Assessment (P-OCA) tool as it became clear that the elements of it were a subset of ultimate items required in a comprehensive organization assessment. The P-OCA establishes an organizational baseline that accurately assesses an organization’s basic capacity to manage funding and comply with award conditions.

Comprehensive OCA (English) The Comprehensive OCA (C-OCA) allows for a comprehensive look at an organization’s capacity. It builds on the P-OCA in that it assesses the necessary elements for effective organizational and technical management but in more depth, and helps identify areas that need to be strengthened. Similar to the P-OCA, the C-OCA is a self-administered assessment to improve the quality of your organization’s management and program implementation by maintaining any changes gained in their capacity over time. The value of the C-OCA is in its collaborative, self-assessment process that promotes active participation. The framework offers CCIH partners the opportunity to reflect on their current status against recognized best practices.

Comprehensive OCA (French/Français)

OCA Action Plan Template This template helps organizations develop an action plan following a capacity assessment or needs assessment. The plan should align with the context, timeframe, scope, and resources available for implementation.

Christian Organizational Identity Assessment: This tool is intended to help Christian organizations identify their unique Christian identity that they have chosen for themselves and compare that with their current practice. Using that comparison, this tool will help guide discussions by organization staff and leaders about priorities for potential operational changes to better align with the organization’s chosen or desired Christian identity. This tool is based on an understanding that Christian identity may influence internal spiritual orientation, external religious engagement, or both.