What is Faith4CRH?

What is Faith4CRH?

CCIH launched the Faith Consortium for Climate Resilient Health (Faith4CRH) to increase climate resilience in faith-based health partners in LMICs.

Seven CCIH partners joined together to form Faith4CRH, including World Relief, World Renew, Providence Health’s Global Programs, the Mennonite Central Committee, Kupenda for the Children, Église Méthodiste Du Togo, and Corus International. Together, their work spans the globe in roles that cover a wide variety of climate-affected health services.

Why Did CCIH Launch Faith4CRH?

When weather-related disasters strike, faith-based health organizations are among the first to respond. FBOs have a strong legacy of humanitarian response as direct health service providers and are trusted by the communities they serve.

Yet, faith actors may not be part of local, regional, and national health sectors and emergency planning and resource allocations. Many health-related FBOs want to address and adapt to climate change but don’t have dedicated resources to respond.

CCIH developed the Faith for Climate Resilient Health (Faith4CRH) consortium to increase climate resilience among faith-based health partners in low- and middle-income countries.

What Will the Consortium Do?

Faith4CRH envisions a world where all have consistent access to quality healthcare and prevention services despite climate change, where communities are prepared for the impacts of climate change, where they have the tools they need to adapt, and where their voices are elevated to inform and communicate at all levels of health systems. Faith4CRH addresses current gaps in the climate change discussion by:

  • Offering a united voice on climate change adaptation for faith-based health actors in LMICs.
  • Encouraging and facilitating partnerships with the public sector so partners understand the unique strengths of faith-based actors and how they strengthen the total health system.
  • Creating momentum with local FB health actors toward action on climate change adaptation.

How Can I Be Involved?

If you are interested in receiving updates on Faith4CRH’s work and joining the conversation on climate and health from a Christian perspective, please join CCIH’s new Google Group (listserv) by visiting https://groups.google.com/g/ccih-climate and selecting “Ask to join group.”

What is Faith4CRH?