How CCIH Began and Evolved

CCIH began in 1987 as a forum for Christians concerned about global health to discuss areas of mutual interest. At first it was a gathering of Christians who met around the occurrence of the Global Health Council, and was known as the Christian Conference for International Health.

In 1992, CCIH leaders changed the name from the Conference of Christians for International Health to Christian Connections for International Health to retain its well known acronym and to reflect that networking was a major purpose in addition to an annual conference. Also during 1992, CCIH drafted bylaws, created a Board of Directors, selected a logo, and established new membership categories.

During the 1990s, CCIH developed a reputation for advocacy especially in the global response to HIV/AIDS. At first the global church did not speak with a clear and consistent voice about HIV, and was associated with increasing stigma. Over time, CCIH and many other organizations helped change that.

Later, CCIH adopted a role in leading the church on family planning – or what is better referred to as Healthy Timing and Spacing of Pregnancies. CCIH worked with leaders in global institutions and church networks, helping improve dialogue with religious leaders and with faith-based organizations. Grants from USAID and private funders improved CCIH’s expertise in working particularly through Christian Health Associations.

More recently, members have highlighted the need for clear focus on Health System Strengthening. Improved focus on related but diverse topics such as leadership, supply chains, and evaluation gave rise to the need for clear focus on that. Programs such as the CCIH 30×30 Health Systems Initiative, the Christian Health Assets Mapping Consortium, the Faith for Climate Resilient Health (Faith4CRH) demonstrate our commitment to addressing pressing issues and mobilizing the faith community to respond. See more about CCIH programs.

In addition to our programs, we continue our commitment to both online and in-person gatherings through a variety of events enabling members and partners to learn from and encourage each other. See more about upcoming and previous CCIH Events.



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