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CURE International is a nonprofit Christian organization that operates a global network of pediatric surgical hospitals that serve children with disabilities. Patients at CURE children’s hospital suffers from conditions that can limit mobility, opportunities for education, and employment such as cleft lip/Palate, neglected clubfoot, bowed legs, burn contractures, spina bifida, or conditions that are life-threatening such as brain tumors and hydrocephalus. In addition to world-class clinical service, CURE internationally ministers to emotional and spiritual needs of patients and their communities. Since its inception in 1996, CURE has conducted more than 5 million patient visits.

Featured in “Trauma Healers,” and hour-long documentary, focusing on healing and prevention of traumatic orthopedic injuries in low resource countries. For more info, visit

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Title: Investing in Surgical Training to Reach More Children in Need – Read
At CURE, one of the ways we invest our gifts is through extensive training programs throughout our hospital network. Today, five billion people do not have access to safe, affordable surgical or anesthesia care and this gap is greatest in LMIC where nine out of ten people cannot access basic surgical care. We estimate that 50 million children live with surgically treatable conditions in the countries where CURE has a presence and many wait on long waiting lists before surgery can be scheduled. This results in treatable disabilities becoming permanent debilitating conditions.

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