Organizations Working on Medical Equipment Donations

The following organizations work in the area of donated medical equipment. They may service and repair donated equipment before it is sent to a hospital, clinic or other organization in need; offer match-making between entities who have a donation and those that have a need; and/or offer guidelines to help organizations maintain quality in donated equipment. It is very important to pay attention to guidelines on donated medical equipment, such as those from PQMD listed below. (This list does not indicate CCIH endorsement of these organizations, however, we have indicted which ones are CCIH members, which means they have undergone a vetting process.)

Helpful Resources

Partnership for Quality Medical Donations (PQMD) | PQMD is an association for organizations interested in and involved in medical donations. It does not supply medicines or supplies, rather it sets standards and guidelines to maintain quality. Contact +1-410-848-7036 | Guidelines for Quality Medical Donations

MedSurplus Alliance | The MedSurplus Alliance (MSA) is a cross-sector alliance that works collaboratively to improve access to quality donated medical products, through accreditation, capacity-building, management and technology solutions, and leadership. The organization aims to increase the efficiency, value, scope, and quality of medical product donations.

Paper Published by the National Academy of Medicine | Access to Medical Devices in Low-Income Countries: Addressing Sustainability Challenges in Medical Device Donation, published by the National Academy of Medicine in July 2018. The authors reviewed some challenges arising in the area of donated medical equipment. For example, according to the authors, a surprising amount of biomedical equipment donated to low-income countries sit unused, and an estimated 40% of donated medical equipment in low-income countries is broken or inoperable. The authors explore how to make those donations more sustainable.

Organizations that Accept and Distribute Donations

Organizations that Complete Service and Repair after Donation

Organizations that Match Donors and Receivers (with initial testing and repair)

Organizations that Donate Equipment Domestically (In the U.S.)

HERO (Healthcare Equipment Recycling Organization) maintains a healthcare accessory store to provide donated medical items for those in need in the Fargo-Moorhead area (in North Dakota in the United States). They provide low cost and waived fee purchase options for those struggling with financial hardship. HERO provides surplus medical supplies and instruments to mission teams globally. HERO accepts donations of clean, gently used healthcare equipment and supplies from individuals, hospitals, clinics, or other healthcare facilities. Contact: Georgia (at)

Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics

Blessings International (Pharmaceutical Donations) (CCIH Member) Blessings helps medical missions primarily in developing nations by serving as a source of pharmaceuticals, vitamins, and medical supplies for medical mission teams, clinics, and hospitals. The Medication Repackaging Service order information is available on the Order page.

International Health Partners (IHP) is a global health NGO based in the UK. They support people in disaster-hit and vulnerable communities to get the medicines they need, by coordinating the safe and responsible donation of long-dated medical products. Working with a strong network of global healthcare partners, they source and send treatments to help people around the world. IHP only works through established NGO partners, however, if you are interested in becoming a partner, please email info (at)

Rad-Aid (Radiology, Imaging, and Diagnostic Donations) is a network of partners bringing radiology and medical imaging to low-resource regions. If you are an organization seeking to partner with RAD-AID, email info (at)


LN4 Hand Project provides free prosthetic hands to people in need across the globe.


Global Vision 2020‘s USee Vision Kit™ is a lightweight portable system that enables people in the most remote areas on earth to have prescription glasses.

RestoringVision (CCIH Member) partners with donors and over 2,700 NGO and government agency partners to provide glasses to people in need.