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Founded by ecumenical partners in 1960, IMA World Health has grown into a leading public health and development organization focused on global health security, health systems strengthening, social and behavior change and integrated primary health care support and delivery.

We co-create innovative ideas and strategies to save lives and promote health and well-being. By partnering with change agents at the local and national level, we advance the health agenda of communities and nations using evidence and expertise to deliver improved health outcomes efficiently and effectively.
IMA World Health is part of Corus International, an ensemble of long-serving, global leaders in international development and humanitarian assistance committed to ending poverty and building healthy communities.

In addition to IMA World Health, the Corus family includes global aid and development organization Lutheran World Relief, U.K.-based technology for development company CGA Technologies, impact investing firm Ground Up Investing, and direct trade company Farmers Market Brands.

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IMA World Health Blog 

How Do We Get Back on Track for SDG3? | by Dennis Cherian, Associate Vice President for Global Health and Nutrition at IMA World Health

The COVID-19 pandemic plagued the world for over two years, disrupting lives, jobs, supply chains, health systems and more. According to the U.N., development gains in some low- and middle-income countries regressed tremendously, pushing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) back by a decade.

While medical professionals raced to keep up with the novel virus and save lives across the globe, SDG3, or ensuring good health and well-being for all, had to take a temporary backseat. Now that critical advancements in COVID-19 prevention and treatment have been made, how do we get back on track to achieve SDG3? More

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