Gender, Health and Development: A Christian Perspective | June 7-9, 2013 | Marymount University

Over the years many Christian organizations working in international health have taken leading roles in addressing gender issues. But traditional cultural beliefs and values still exist that keep women in subservient roles preventing them from fully caring for their health and the health of their families. This conference explored how Christian organizations are addressing inequities related to gender.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Pre-Conference Workshops

Proposal Development

Dennis Cherian, World Vision US | View PowerPoint Presentation

Develop Your Message and Advocacy Plan for Family Planning

Dr. Douglas Huber, Reproductive Health Consultant | Christians and Family Planning in 2013: Advances in Technology, Program, and Multi-Faith Advocacy | View PowerPoint Presentation

Katie Kraft, General Board of Church and Society, United Methodist Church | Faith-Based Advocacy for Family Planning | View PowerPoint Presentation

Plenary Session I

Exploring Partnerships between Government and FBOs to Address Gender Inequity

Kay Freeman, Director, Office of Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment, USAID; Daniela Ligiero, Senior Advisor for Gender, Office of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator; Eric Williams, Democratic Staff Director, House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights and International Organizations | View the Session Video

Saturday, June 8

Plenary Session II

Global Responses to Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

This session examines lessons learned from three different efforts to address and prevent sexual and gender-based violence: a global initiative to end sexual violence against girls; an integrated approach to IMA World Health; and a ministry focused on men and boys that promotes biblical manhood and stands against domestic violence and fatherlessness. Presenters include Yvette Mulongo Kabwe of IMA World Health, Michele Moloney-Kitts of Together for Girls, and Jacqui Patterson of the NAACP. | View the Session Video

Jacqui Patterson, NAACP | Faces and Voices of Global Sexual and Gender-Based Violence | View PowerPoint Presentation

Michele Moloney-Kitts, Together for Girls | Translating Data into National Action | View PowerPoint Presentation

Yvette Mulongo Kabwe, IMA World Health | Holistic & Positive Approaches for Overcoming Sexual Violence and Empowering Women in Eastern DR Congo | View PowerPoint Presentation

Concurrent Sessions I

Preventing HIV/AIDS and Promoting Gender Equity through Male Involvement in HIV Prevention Service | Sara Melillo, Catholic Medical Mission Board | View PowerPoint Presentation

Women, Scripture and Art: The Recipe for Effective Health Education in South Sudan | Darriel Harris, Duke Divinity School | View PowerPoint Presentation

Concurrent Sessions II

Addressing the Lingering Effects of Khmer Rouge Genocide on Maternal Child Health in Cambodia | Tharanga Diyungala, Samaritan’s Purse | View PowerPoint Presentation

Birth Spacing: What Can We Learn From the Women of Burundi? | Dr. Paul Robinson, World Relief | View PowerPoint Presentation

Empowering Adolescents and Mothers in Reproductive and Child Health Care | Lauren VanEnk, Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University | View PowerPoint Presentation

Plenary Session IV

At the Forefront: Universal Health Coverage, Women and Faith | Dr. Jonathan Quick, Management Sciences for Health | Dr. Quick discusses the history of the Health for All movement for Christian medical leaders and how Universal Health Coverage could be the most powerful action the global community could take to improve health and well-being of women and girls worldwide. | View PowerPoint Presentation | View the Session Video

Sunday, June 9

Concurrent Sessions III

Faith-based Myth Busting in the Democratic Republic of Congo | Frank Baer, Independent Consultant; Albert Kalonji, Principal Coordinator, SANRU; Ngoma Miezi Kintaudi Leon, Executive Director, SANRU; Felix Minuku, Coordinateur Technique, SANRU | View PowerPoint Presentation

Concurrent Sessions IV

Empowering Local Churches to Influence Health Outcomes | Dr. Paul Robinson and Dr. Gil Odendaal World Relief | View PowerPoint Presentation

Faith, Women, Culture and Context: What Is the Way Forward?

Leila Nimatallah, IMA World Health | We Will Speak Out: A Coalition and Movement to Mobilize the Faith Community against Gender-based Violence | View PowerPoint Presentation

Erika Pearl, IMA World Health | Sermon Guides | View PowerPoint Presentation

Integrating Gender-Based Violence Programming into Community Development Facilitation in Liberia | Rachael Watson, Samaritan’s Purse | View PowerPoint Presentation

Plenary Session VI

FBOs and the Power of Stories

Communicators discuss using stories and technology to make messages come alive to inform and motivate their supporters. Presenters include John Donnelly of the World Bank, Adrian Kerrigan of Catholic Medical Mission Board, and Rebecca Shore of Johns Hopkins University’s K4Health Project. | View the session video

Adrian Kerrigan, Catholic Medical Mission Board | Engaging Supporters | View PowerPoint Presentation

Rebecca Shore, Johns Hopkins University K4Health Project | Social Media for Story Sharing | View PowerPoint Presentation

View Blog Post on the Session by Rebecca Shore