Ending Extreme Poverty: The Challenge for Christians in Global Health

June 26-29, 2015 | Marymount University

Extreme poverty and the inability to access care are at the root of health problems across the globe. What are Christian organizations doing to provide opportunities to the poor? How can Christians work together to lift people out of extreme poverty to a more healthy and fulfilling life? These topics and more were explored at the 2015 conference.

He defended the cause of the poor and needy, and so all went well. “Is that what it means to know me?” declares the Lord. (Jeremiah 22:16 NIV)

Friday, June 26, 2015

Family Planning Pre-conference

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Marta Pirzadeh, MPH, Technical Officer, Research Utilization Unit, FHI 360 | Sexual and Reproductive Health Services for Youth: Taking on the Tough Questions | Powerpoint

Debbie Dortzbach, MPH, MN, Director of Health and Social Development, World Relief | Youth and Sexuality: A Christian Response | Powerpoint

Samuel Mwenda, MD, General Secretary, Christian Health Association of Kenya | Myth: Pastors, Priests and Congregations Disapprove of FP (Part 1) | Powerpoint

Douglas Huber, MD, Co-Chair, CCIH FP/RH Working Group and Jim Shelton, MD, Science Adviser for the Bureau for Global Health, USAID | Misunderstandings: FP Causes HIV and Infertility. Examining the Evidence and Benefits vs. Risk | Douglas Huber’s Powerpoint | Jim Shelton’s Powerpoint

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Tonny Tumwesigye, MD, Executive Director, Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau | Pastors, Priests and Congregations Disapprove of FP (Part 2) | Powerpoint

Beth Schlachter, Executive Director, FP2020 | FP2020 Overview and RRM | Powerpoint

Lauren Van Enk, MPH, Program Officer, Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University | Resources and Tools for Faith-based Family Planning Advocacy | Powerpoint

US Government Pre-Conference

Engaging with the US Government to End Extreme Poverty

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Danielle Mutone-Smith, Head of the Policy Team, USAID Office of Food for Peace
Peter Morris, Division Chief, Preparedness, Strategic Planning and Mitigation, Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance, USAID
Gary Barrett, Senior Program Advisor, American Schools and Hospitals Abroad Program, USAID
Admiral Tim Ziemer, U.S. Global Malaria Coordinator and Leader of the President’s Malaria Initiative

Opening Plenary Session

Opening Worship and Music

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Opening Session

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Lifting People out of Poverty with Innovative Educational and Economic Development Programs

Paul Frank, PhD, Executive Director, SIL LEAD | Reading in the Mother Tongue | Powerpoint

Linda Hiebert, Senior Director, Education and Life Skills, World Vision | World Vision’s Experience across the Life Cycle | Powerpoint

Laura van Vuuren, Global Health Consultant | Integrating Health Promotion and Micro-Enterprise Development

Saturday, June 27

Plenary Session 2

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Combating Poverty through Strong Health Systems

Samuel Mwenda, MD, General Secretary, Christian Health Association of Kenya | FBO Health Systems in Kenya: Commitment to Quality and Equity in Access, Complimenting MOH in Service Delivery, Training of Health Workers and Commodity Supply Chain | Powerpoint

Ngoma Miezi (Leon) Kintaudi, MD, Executive Director, SANRU | Combating Poverty through Strong Health Systems | Powerpoint

Tonny Tumwesigye, MD, MPH, Executive Director, Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau | Contribution of UPMB in Ending Extreme Poverty | Powerpoint

Breakout Sessions 1

Breakout Session A
Innovative Programs to Address HIV/AIDS and Malnutrition to Strengthen Communities

Jerry Koleski, MD, Director, Global Health Track, Family and Community Medicine Residency, University of Arizona | Community Health Outreach in Malawi | Powerpoint

Pamela Mukaire, DrPH, Executive Director for Resources for Improving Birth Outcomes (RIBO) and a faculty member for the MPH Program at Liberty University | Forging Non-Traditional Stakeholder Partnerships against Malnutrition | Powerpoint

Reverend Ahouantchede César, Espoir de la Famille in Benin | Contributions to Improving the Health of Vulnerable Populations of Benin: Case of the Region OUEME | Powerpoint

Breakout Session B
Strengthening Health Systems: Health Worker Development and Improving Health Outcomes

Juli Hedrick, MPH, Senior Program Management Specialist, World Vision US | Training Illiterate Frontline Health Workers: What Went Right, What Went Wrong, and Lessons Learned | Powerpoint

Regan Deming, MPH, Monitoring and Evaluation Technical Officer, General Board of Global Ministries, Global Helath Unit | Health System Strengthening for Malaria Program, Zimbabwe | Powerpoint

Rebecca Duerst, Program Director, Global Health, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America | Responding to Ebola: Accompaniment through the Outbreak | Powerpoint

Breakout Session C
SANRU and Health Systems Building in DR Congo

Miatudila Malonga, MD, MPH, President, SANRU
Franklin Baer, DrPH, Vice-President, SANRU
Ngoma Miezi (Leon) Kintaudi, MD Executive Director, SANRU
Felix Minuku, MD, Deputy Director, SANRU
Albert Kalonji, MD, Technical Director, SANRU


Breakout Sessions 2

Breakout Session A
Improving Health Delivery at the System and Facility Level

Devina Shah, MPH, Program Management Officer, World Vision US | Strengthening Public Health Systems in Kenya: Integrating an HTSP/FP Project into a MNCH Project | Powerpoint

Maggie Ehrenfried, DPT, Development Officer, LifeNet International | Bridging the Gap between Education and Practices in East African Health Care Systems Development | Powerpoint

Breakout Session B
Ministering to Children with Disabilities

Amy Wilson, Editing and Networking Coordinator, Crisis Care Training International | Powerpoint

Natalie Flickner, Writer and Speaker, Crisis Care Training International | Children with Disabilities: A Ripe Harvest for the Gospel |  Natalie’s Story

Sally Hamrick, Consultant | Vital to the Kingdom: Children with Disabilities | Powerpoint

Breakout Session C
Immunization and the Faith Community

Cristina Bisson, Advocacy and Public Policy Consultant, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance | Gavi and Faith Community Engagement | Powerpoint

Richard Lane, MD, MPH, Director, MPH Program, Liberty University | Exploring the Anti-Vaccination Movement | Powerpoint

Hélène Mambu-ma-Disu, MD, MPH, Senior Program Officer for the Sustainable Immunization Financing Program of the Sabin Vaccine Institute for DRC, SANRU Board Member | Delivering Immunization in DR Congo in Collaboration with Faith-based Partners | Powerpoint

Plenary Session 3

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Strength in Partnerships to End Extreme Poverty

Adrian Kerrigan, MA, Senior Vice President, Partnerships, Catholic Medical Mission Board | Tackling Extreme Poverty through CHildren and Mothers PartnershipS (CHAMPS) | Powerpoint

Mirfin Mpundu, PharmD, MPH, MBA, Executive Director, Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network | Together Towards Availability and Affordable Quality Phamaceutical Care | Powerpoint

Frank Dimmock, MPH, World Mission Catalyst, Presbyterian Church, U.S.A. | Ending Extreme Poverty: Education for Transformation | Powerpoint

Plenary Session 4

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Community-level Initiatives to Change Environments

Henry Perry, MD, Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health | The BRAC Approach to Poverty Alleviation and Health Improvement | Powerpoint

Susan Hillis, PhD, MS, Senior Global Health Advisor, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control | Helping Children THRIVE: Global Violence against Children Data Drives Expanded Civil Society Partnerships | Powerpoint

Janet Strike Ausel, Water and Sanitation Advisor, Samaritan’s Purse | Water, Sanitation and Menstrual Hygiene to Bring Dignity and Equity | Powerpoint

Sunday, June 28

Plenary Session 5

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Reaching the Most Disadvantaged

Paul Mosley, former Country Director for Rwanda and Burundi for the Mennonite Central Committee | Educating the Disinherited |  Powerpoint

Anne Peterson, MD, MPH, Senior Vice President of Programs, AmeriCares | The Role of FBOs in Responding to Ebola in West Africa |  Powerpoint

Elizabeth Foulkes, MPH, Ebola Response Coordinator, ADRA International | Partnerships for Supporting Ebola-Affected Communities and Survivors: Lessons from ADRA International | Powerpoint

Patricia Kamara, Executive Director, Christian Health Association of Liberia | Responding to the Ebola Outbreak: A Local Perspective |  Powerpoint

Breakout Sessions 3

Session A
From Acceptance to Appreciation to Advocacy: How Humanitarian Organizations Came to Embrace Family Planning

Adrienne Allison, MPH, Senior Technical Advisor, Family Planning/Reproductive Health, World Vision US | Powerpoint

Susan Otchere, MSc, RN, Project Director, Mobilizing for Maternal and Neonatal Health through Birth Spacing and Advocacy (MOMENT), World Vision US

Lisa Firth, MB, MPH, Technical Advisor, Health, Salvation Army World Service Office | Cautious Consensus Building: Family Planning and the Salvation Army | Powerpoint

Jenny Dyer, PhD, Executive Director, Hope through Healing Hands | Powerpoint

Breakout Session B
Tackling Poverty and Gender Inequality through Women’s Empowerment

Larry Sthreshley, MD, Country Director for the Democratic Republic of the Congo, IMA World Health | Impact of Gender Issues on the Utilization of Health Services | Powerpoint

Allison Flynn, MPH, Health Advisor, World Relief | Starting Young: Poverty Reduction through Mentoring of Very Young Adolescent Girls in Rwanda | Powerpoint

Zuorkuan Patience Flomo, MSW, President, Afro-Medical Community Health and Welfare Services | Impact of Ebola on Women and Maternal Health | Powerpoint

Breakout Session C
Health Worker Skill: Key to Healthy and Prosperous Communities

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Alfonso Rosales, MD, Maternal and Child Senior Advisor, World Vision International | Frontline Health Workers in South Sudan |  Powerpoint

Magdeline Aagard, EdD, MBA, RN, Global Health Administration Partners | Maasai Community Health Workers Improving the Health of their People | Powerpoint

Fouzia Naveed, MD, Medical Superintendent, Kunri Christian Hospital | Work of Kunri Christian Hospital to Address Maternal Mortality in Rural Desert Area | Powerpoint

Breakout Sessions 4
Session A
Strengthening Commodity Security and Reducing Stockouts

Ellen Tompsett, MBA, Senior Programme Officer for Reducing Stockouts, Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition | Addressing Stockouts Initiative | Powerpoint

Judith Brown, PhD, Brown Consulting | Types of Supply Chains in FBO Health Facilities in Africa | Powerpoint

Amy Metzger, MPH, Consultant | Building the Evidence: Unique Stockout Challenges of FBO Facilities in Africa | Powerpoint

Session B
Reducing Poverty through Economic Empowerment and Strengthening Health Systems and Facilities

Elliott Larson, MD, Editor, Christian Journal for Global Health | Economic Freedom and Poverty Reduction | Powerpoint

Dirk Anderson, Staff Architect and Project Leader, Engineering Ministries International | Catalizing Hope through Health Facility Design

Charles Franzén, Country Director, Democratic Republic of Congo, World Relief | Addressing Poverty through the Local Church in Eastern Congo | Powerpoint

Session C
Improving Health in Fragile and Low-Resource Settings

Juli Hedrick, MPH, Senior Program Management Specialist, World Vision US | Lessons Learned from Health Systems Strengthening in Fragile Contexts | Powerpoint

Carl Henn, MSPH, Director, HIV/AIDS Twinning Center, American International Health Alliance | Working in Partnership to Promote Health and Improve Outcomes in Resource-limited Communities: A National, Faith-Based HIV Prevention Program for Kenyan Youth | Powerpoint

Sonya Funna, Director of the Program Technical Support Unit, ADRA International | Working with Mother’s and Father’s Groups in Mozambique for Holistic Growth | Powerpoint

Plenary Session 6

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Presentation of 2015 CCIH Christian International Health Champion Award

The 2015 CCIH Christian International Health Champion Award was presented to Henry Mosley, MD, MPH in final conference plenary session. The annual award honors an individual who has dedicated his/her life to global health from a Christian perspective and has made significant contributions to the field. Henry is a long-time CCIH member and supporter and has served on the CCIH Board of Directors. He currently serves as Professor Emeritus in the Population, Family and Reproductive Health and International Health Departments at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health. He has worked for 50 years in international public health, spending time in education and research in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kenya and Indonesia. Video of the award presentation

Ending Extreme Poverty through Advocacy

Jason Fileta, Director, Micah Challenge US | Advocacy to End Extreme Poverty | Powerpoint

Katie Kraft, Advocacy Coordinator, Healthy Families, Healthy Planet, General Board of Church & Society, The United Methodist Church | Transforming the Church and the World: Advocating for Women and Girls of Sacred Worth | Powerpoint

Yoram Siame, MPH, MSc, Advocacy and Public Relations Manager, Churches Health Association of Zambia | Ending Extreme Poverty through Advocacy | Powerpoint