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With 84% of the global population belonging to a major religion, a “faith engagement strategy” is vital—but often missing—from global health interventions. Churches have deep roots in communities and were present in many areas of developing countries before governments and other organizations providing health care. Religious leaders are respected in their communities and are powerful messengers on health when they have the facts.

Faith-based organizations are critical

Christian health workers and organizations are frequently the only actors to “reach the last mile,” be that a remote village, an urban slum, or any community of people who lack access to care. They operate training and community health programs and work with religious leaders who routinely influence attitudes and drive health behaviors. They are mostly locally formed, owned and controlled, resulting in culturally appropriate approaches.

Why CCIH matters

The world is changing and governments, donors, and Christian health programs are trying to find new ways to work together to solve complex health problems. CCIH draws on the strength of global and local institutions to strengthen local services and engage church leaders, promoting learning, advocacy and raising a network of next-generation leaders.

CCIH helps our network…

Tell their story. They want new and fresh ways to share news and impacts of their work with a variety of audiences.

Promote adaptive learning and capacity strengthening. They seek help responding to the call for evidence-based practice and applying emerging global guidelines to local contexts.

Access resources and partners to advance their programs. They want to see better coordination, sharing of funding opportunities and brokerage of networks and consortia.

Strengthen their integration of faith and health. They want to refine how Christian faith adds perspective and motivation to their work.

Belong to an influential global movement. Their voice needs to be amplified for policy makers and funders at local, national and international levels.

Watch the video to learn more about why Christians working in global health are involved in CCIH.


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