Christian Connections for International Health (CCIH) is a 501 (c)(3) membership association founded in 1987 to promote international health and wholeness from a Christian perspective. The CCIH network includes approximately 450 individuals and approximately 180 organizations based both in the US and abroad. The CCIH network is diverse: spanning the Christian spectrum, ranging from small to large, and comprising a community of people from many disciplines and nationalities who are dedicated to a vision of a world where all, without bias, have access to basic health and prevention services.

CCIH’s three main functions are:

  • information sharing
  • networking, including facilitating collaboration and partnership building
  • advocacy
CCIH’s original vision emphasized information sharing and networking within the Christian community. Increasingly, CCIH is also engaged in facilitating interaction between the faith-based international health community and the secular professional development community, both because of the interest of many CCIH members to collaborate with governments, donors, corporations, and professional associations, as well as the growing desire of the general development community to engage with faith-based organizations. CCIH is recognized as a credible voice for the Christian community involved in global health work and is often sought out by other players in the wider global health arena for information about and contact with the faith-based global health community.
CCIH Organizational Members are organizations which support CCIH’s mission and affirm a commitment to the Christian faith.
CCIH Affiliate Organizations are organizations, businesses, etc. which promote health and wholeness globally, wish to support CCIH’s mission, and collaborate with CCIH and faith-based organizations, but do not organizationally affirm a commitment to the Christian faith.
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