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The Augustine Fellowship for Non-Medical Personnel Serving in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

The Augustine Fellowship Program is currently on hold and not accepting applications until further notice.

Program Purpose and Benefits

In honor of Augustine Aiyadurai, American Leprosy Missions and CCIH established the Augustine Fellowship. The Augustine Fellowship Program links individuals in low- and middle-income countries with an institution for a learning, service and capacity-building experience. Individuals accepted into the program will be placed at a health institution or hospital, NGO, mission or FBO, university or similar level post-secondary institute for a period to serve the organization in a support discipline, such as finance, accounting, human resources, information technology, engineering, and chaplaincy and spiritual support. Service can occur through a mix of in-person visits and virtual connection.

CCIH is a diverse, global network of faith-based health organizations known for coaching and facilitating collaboration among Christian organizations, with more than half our members located in low- and middle-income countries. CCIH will facilitate learning and sharing of best practices among individuals and organizations in LMIC through the Augustine Fellowship Program.

A host organization will gain encouragement, knowledge, skills and practices from the Fellow, as well as completion of needed tasks, and be enabled to serve their clients better.

A Fellow who is placed will learn new expertise, skills and best practices they learn during the Fellowship. They will gain insights into how another organization operates, and be challenged to adapt their own thinking about their career and path.

Augustine Fellow Steven Mukawa, an IT officer from Malawi at his post at the ELWA Hospital in Paynesville, Liberia.

Who Can Participate? 

The Augustine Fellowship is open to men and women of any ethnic background. Selected candidates will be expected to:

Please note: Candidates are encouraged to identify and contact host organizations in low- and middle-income countries to arrange placement.

Program Requirements for Currently Employed and Retired Professionals:

Requirements For Current Students / Recent Graduates:

Placement Options:

Additional Benefits for Host Organization:

The host organization will have the opportunity to discover, arrange and a staff member participate in a formal evaluation or training at a third-party organization, and then bring those skills and learning to their organization.

Additional Benefits for Releasing Organization:

The releasing organizations will have the opportunity to request to have one staff member attend the annual conference or another event held by or sponsored by CCIH, with no event registration charge and potential consideration for a partial travel grant to an in person meeting.

Identification of Applicant/Recipient

The applicant may identify and contact an appropriate recipient or a recipient organization may identify an appropriate candidate. The goal is that the recipient organization would gain encouragement, knowledge, skills and practices from the fellow, and be enabled to serve their clients better.

Fellowship Grant – Budget & Stipend

For in-person placements, American Leprosy Missions will underwrite in collaboration with CCIH, via the fellowship grant, costs not to exceed USD 9,000. These calculations include round-trip economy-class airfare, insurance, and estimated costs for lodging and daily incidentals. Recipient organizations will arrange local travel and accommodations for a safe life/work experience.

Application Process

CCIH will manage the application process and in cooperation with American Leprosy Missions select each year’s fellowship recipient(s).

Part A – From the Applicant

Part B – From the Recipient Organization (If identified in advance)

A signed statement (on official letterhead) detailing:

Part C – From the Releasing Organization (If applicable)

Letter of release (on official letterhead) granting you time away for the fellowship and confirming your position will await your return upon completion.

How to Apply: Application Instructions

Electronic versions of all application materials should be sent directly (Part A by the applicant, Part B by the releasing organization and Part C the receiving organization) to augustinefellowship [at]
NOTE: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Award Terms and Conditions

Fellows are expected to agree to the terms and conditions of the Augustine Fellowship and sign an award letter. Some of the conditions stipulated in the letter include:

More About the Program

Watch the video below to hear about the origin of the program and the experience of the first Augustine Fellow, Steven Mukawa, at his post at the SIM ELWA Hospital in Liberia.

About Augustine Aiyadurai

Augustine P. Aiyadurai was the senior administrator and chief financial officer for a large Christian hospital in India. In that role he supervised a number of projects funded by or through American Leprosy Missions, demonstrating a strong commitment to the people being served and a high level of integrity in financial management.

Augustine also served as the honorary treasurer of the Christian Medical Association of India. He took a period of sabbatical leave in 2014 to serve at the Curran Lutheran Hospital (Zorzor, Lofa County, Liberia) during the 2014- 2015 Ebola crisis. Tragically, he passed away while serving in Liberia. This program is dedicated to his memory and strengthening the skills of non-medical professionals serving in developing nations.