Webinar on Practical Tools to Bring Family Planning to Communities

July 9, 2019

by Kathy Erb

July 24 at 9:00 am US ET

To encourage uptake of voluntary family planning services, communities need to understand their options and what is being offered.

Let’s talk about practical tools to inform communities in language they can understand of the variety of choices they have to time and space pregnancies. We’ll explore how you can use these tools in your community-based programs or develop your own for the areas where you work. We’ll also look at how to develop, test, and translate tools that work for communities, and explore an example of a training curriculum developed for Islamic leaders. These lessons are applicable not just for family planning, but for all community-based programs.

Join us for a webinar to explore these tools, featuring:

  • Paul Frank, PhD, Executive Director, SIL LEAD
  • Irene Nakiriggya, Reproductive Health Officer, Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau
  • Melanie Lopez, MPH, Senior Program Manager, Health, HIV/AIDS, World Vision US

The session will be moderated by Elizabeth (Liz) Creel, Project Director, Advancing Partners and Communities.

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