Health for All Nations (HFAN)

Since its inception in 2008, Health for All Nations has sought to identify and fill the gaps in the Church’s understanding of health, from an evidence-based and biblical perspective, and to assist the Church in applying that understanding toward the unified goal of health being available to all peoples (ethnos). This must spring from an abiding love for our global neighbors, collaborative engagement with numerous global health challenges, and higher levels of evaluation and clear communication with the world.

These goals are emerging in the projects we have facilitated to date:

The Christian Journal for Global Health: A peer-reviewed, scholarly and multidisciplinary journal with an integrated Christian perspective. Thoughtful collaboration from many countries and denominations publishing open-access original research, commentary and reviews with a diverse Christian reflection are hallmarks of the journal.

Best Practices in Global Health Missions: An indexed and curated resource which identifies and disseminates God-honoring, health-promoting values, beliefs and practices for mutual benefit. These were developed in a highly collaborative manner using international standards and the best evidence toward growth in knowledge.

Health for All Nations Lausanne Issue Network: A global learning and collaboration network focused on the church’s strategic role in facilitating whole-person health and healing for all nations. The soon-to-be-released Global Classroom is a video-based learning environment for promoting health-related mission.

Christian Global Health in Perspective Course: A 12-lesson course to prepare health-related workers for cross-cultural service, as well as NGO and church leaders in the biblical, historical, cultural, and strategic approaches to global health challenges. It was developed through collaboration between scholars and practitioners and is available this year in several on-line cohorts for a certificate-level guided learning experience to promote sustainable, informed, unified service.

All Creation Groans: Toward a Theology of Disease and Global Health: A new multi-author book (Pickwick, 2021) from diverse traditions and multi-disciplinary perspectives grappling with the root causes of disease and informing the practice of global health promotion as a missional part of loving our global neighbor. It is a fresh call for the global church to engage in aligning with God’s healing action for eternally sustainable global health.

Unstuck Peer Consultations: Global health workers face many daunting problems. Have you ever felt stuck when trying to address a complex challenge? We offer a process of active listening to quickly offer new perspectives on your leadership challenge, empowering you to take the next steps to address the root causes of that challenge.

Global Health Research Institute: An emerging initiative to facilitate scholarly field research on Christian approaches to global health challenges. The time has come to deepen the Christian community’s measuring, evaluating, accountability and learning skills. Longer than any other entity (WHO, MSF, CDC, Ministries of Health, etc.) the global Church has been in the ministry of health, healing and helping people live wholly integrated lives. Lives of shalom. But there has been scant research as to the effectiveness of our efforts. In partnership with William Carey International University, we are in the process of developing a Christian Global Health Research Institute. This Institute will promote and assist in the research and publication of the results of the many noble efforts being made by followers of Christ who are loving their neighbors in the most difficult regions of the world.

Blog by Health for All Nations (HFAN) and The Christian Journal for Global Health (CJGH)

What does it take to love our neighbor? | At Health for All Nations we see our neighbors as those vulnerable people and populations from all nations (ethnos) who are longing for love, wholeness, and justice. We seek to steward global health and theological knowledge in order to “speak the truth in love,”(Eph 4:15) and speak truth to power with greater levels of understanding, innovation, and wisdom. We long to see the global church fulfil her clear calling to become an integrated healing community, and for healthcare and global health workers to be inspired toward sustainable, integral mission. Jesus said, “How do you read it?” Read More


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