Faith-based Health Care in India

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Faith-based Health Care in India


CCIH produced a series of pieces exploring health in a number of countries and the faith-based health care landscape. In each country, we spotlight a few faith-based organizations and how they impact health care services in the country. India: With India’s public health expenditure around 1.15% of its Gross Domestic Product, there is an insufficient supply of publicly funded healthcare facilities and health professionals. Alongside the public sector, the private sector is responsible for over 70% of outpatient care and 60% of inpatient care. It is also estimated that 21% of individuals in India fall below the poverty line. Faith-based organizations are integral to meeting the needs of individuals who cannot access public healthcare due to poverty and lack of access in rural settings. The piece features the work of the Christian Medical Association of India, Emmanuel Hospital Association, Comprehensive Rural Health Project, and the Catholic Health Association of India.

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