About the Consortium 

Christian Connections for International Health Member Compact

As a member of Christian Connections for International Health (CCIH), I understand the importance of investing time and attention to building the greater good of CCIH membership, and have certain expectations of the CCIH team as well.

Engagement is Key

I agree that membership calls me to engage. I understand in order to optimize and get the most from my membership, I must engage. I will participate regularly, as my organizational team and I are able, in forums and other avenues of networking, information sharing, advocacy, and prayer and fellowship.

Going Farther Together

I believe meaningful membership engagement means communicating with CCIH and other members. That is what “Connections” is about. I will thoughtfully consider sharing lessons learned, helpful resources, upcoming events and opportunities for partnership with CCIH to share with members to further strengthen the network. I agree to inform CCIH staff when contact information changes.

Key Attributes of CCIH Membership

I agree to the following key principles in our global work:

  • Lean into our Christian faith by loving our neighbors
  • Promote holistic health
  • Steward well all grant, project, human and environmental resources
  • Operate legally, safely, and ethically
  • Respect other CCIH members regardless of ideology, theology, or point of view
  • Avoid harmful practices, such as exploitation or abuse, toward all people, especially children and populations on the “margins.”

Member Dues and Voting Rights

I understand that members who are paid up on their dues for the year are in good standing. Members in good standing can vote. I agree to exercise my right to vote for the Board of Directors or other matters arising in the Annual Business Meeting.

What I Can Expect from CCIH

CCIH commits to the following. We will help you:

  • Tell your story. We will offer opportunities for you to share news and impacts and learnings from your work with a variety of audiences.
  • Strengthen your integration of faith and health. We will guide our network to pray for your and our collective impact on the physical and spiritual health of those we serve. Will provide ways for you to join in fellowship with other Christians working in health. We will help you explore how Christian faith adds perspective and motivation to your work.
  • Access resources and partners to advance your programs. We will share funding notices and seek to broker networks and consortia of faith-based actors and partners to increase opportunities for donor support.
  • Increase adaptive learning and capacity strengthening. We will provide tools, guidance and knowledge to help you respond to the call for evidence-based practice and applying emerging global guidelines to local contexts.
  • Belong to an influential global movement. We will amplify your voice and advocate for faith-based organizations as vital actors in global health to policy makers and funders at local, national and international levels.

Your Commitment

By agreeing to this member compact, you are standing together with CCIH and our membership to continue the work of sharing God’s love and serving His people.


CCIH Provides a Platform for:What Our Members are Expected to DoWhat our Members Should See as a Result
Access to a diverse global network Use CCIH resources, such as:Better local services
Social media, web resources --Access tools, resourcesMore funding
Communities of Practice --Learn and adapt emerging good practices in healthMore partnerships
Conference, webinars, forums--Improve M&E and contribute to learning based on good practice Increased visibility
Grant opportunities for members--Engage in either global or local advocacyEnhanced knowledge
Coalitions in priority areasBetter integration of faith and health
Capacity strengthening toolsContribute to the CCIH network through the following ways:Unity among diverse professions and a diverse church
Mapping health assets--Provide stories to CCIHStronger local control over programs and resource allocation
Prayer events and calendars --Engage, share in events Stronger alliance between faith leaders and health leaders
Fellowship with other Christians--Use email discussions to share knowledge/ exchange ideas
Stronger advocacy at local, national and international levels
Advocacy for policy, funding for FBOs --Share prayer requestsLearning to scale programs, improve outcomes and adapt to changing time
Training on local advocacy--Commit to improving faith integration
“Belonging” - where all our members, younger and more seasoned can share and grow
Networking to frame issues and engage members
Equipping younger, smaller or isolated members


Revised January 2023