CCIH Membership Benefits for Individuals, Organizations and Affiliates

What We Do

CCIH strengthens capacity, shares information and opportunities and provides a forum for dialogue, networking, advocacy, and fellowship to the spectrum of Christian organizations and individuals working in global health. We do this by providing opportunities for:

  • Capacity Strengthening – sharing best practices and funding opportunities, accessing needed resources.
  • Advocacy – raising awareness of the unique value of faith-based health services among governments, and other secular and faith-based partners and supporters.
  • Networking – dialogue and building partnerships and Fellowship – nurturing the spiritual core of our work.

How We Do It

CCIH works through our network to advance global health and wholeness from a Christian perspective. We amplify our members’ impact by increasing their visibility, advocating for them with funders and policy makers, and helping them develop the resources they need to serve.

As a member of CCIH, we will help you:

  • Tell your story through our platforms, such as articles in our monthly newsletter, the Connector, and featured on our blog.
  • Strengthen your integration of faith and health through our working groups, prayer sessions and prayer guide and refine how Christian faith adds perspective and motivation to your work.
  • Access resources and partners to advance your programs through email lists you can join to hear about funding opportunities, share news and events from CCIH and other members, use data sharing to connect with other member organizations.
  • Promote adaptive learning and capacity strengthening. You can use our new Organization Capacity Assessment (OCA) tools, attend forums and webinars, make commitments to the 30×30 Health Systems Initiative, and participate in and benefit from the Christian Health Assets Mapping Consortium to address the urgent need for information on, and help improve the quality of data about, the Christian health asset landscape.
  • Belong to an influential global movement. By joining CCIH’s advocacy efforts, you will have a role in influencing public policy that supports global health programming and the work of faith-based health services.

We invite you to join us in our mission to promote health and wholeness from a Christian perspective. Learn more about specific member benefits below. If you would like to speak to someone on the CCIH team, reach out to May Poduschnick, Administrative Coordinator at membership (at)

Individual Membership Benefits

Member Organization Benefits

  • Networking and information sharing with others interested in global health from a Christian perspective.
  • Voting rights at CCIH annual meetings and for the election of members of the Board of Directors, which gives you a say in how the organization is guided.
  • Opportunity to serve CCIH as a member of the Board of Directors, engaging with other Christian global health leaders and helping guide the course of the organization.
  • Support for and participation in a global community of Christians engaged in health and wholeness from a Christian perspective.
  • Free access to publicizing your availability for employment and opportunities in Connector and on the CCIH website.
  • Enjoy dialogue and partnership building in both the Christian and secular communities.
  • Voting rights at CCIH annual meetings and for the election of members of the Board of Directors, giving your organization a say in how CCIH is guided.
  • Opportunity to support the mission and vision of CCIH by sponsoring a member of the Board of Directors, enabling someone from your organization to engage with other Christian global health leaders and helping guide the course of the organization.
  • Listing of your organization on the CCIH website.
  • Free access to publicizing job openings or other opportunities through the CCIH website and Connector.

CCIH Member & Affiliate List

All member and affiliate organizations are listed on the CCIH website under the Members/Affiliates section. Website listing provides exposure for each organization to any visitor to the CCIH website.

Current Organizational Members | view
Current Affiliates | view

Monthly Connector

CCIH produces a monthly newsletter, sent to members and affiliates, full of news and resources about Christians working in global health. We share news from our members in Connector to help them connect with each other, such as:
  • Upcoming events: highlights of events which impact health and the faith community
  • Employment notices
  • Resources from the faith community, such as tools you can use, recent research, opportunities for partnerships and more.
  • Funding opportunities
An unlimited number of employees of organizational members and affiliates may be placed on the email distribution list.

 CCIH News and Discussion Groups

CCIH moderates a number of News Groups to encourage information sharing on faith-based work in a variety of international health topics to a global audience. CCIH members and affiliates may sign up for a members-only group to receive notices of funding opportunities. View the Discussion Groups

CCIH Biennial Conference

The CCIH Biennial Conference is a professionally and personally enriching event where current issues, policies and best practices in global health and development are uniquely blended with worship and fellowship, informal discussions, and networking opportunities. The participants from around the world are a diverse mix of health and development professionals, church and lay leaders, and students. The atmosphere is professional, yet informal and relaxing.
  • The conference provides an excellent opportunity to meet, share, discuss, and join in fellowship with others within the CCIH network as well as others who recognize the value of connecting with faith-based organizations.
  • CCIH member and affiliate organizations are encouraged to become involved in planning and presenting at the conference.
  • Many collaborations and partnerships have resulted due to relationships begun during a CCIH conference
  • Sponsorship opportunities for visibility opportunities to key Christian influencers, thought-leaders, and decision-makers in the international health field
  • More information | view


CCIH encourages collaboration and partnership within its network and with the wider Christian community, as well as between faith-based organizations and local, national, international and multinational communities.  CCIH conferences, webinars, forums, prayer sessions, and working groups all provide a space for members to learn from each other, forge partnerships, join in Christian fellowship and form valuable connections.

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