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Celebrating CCIH Small Grants Recipients

January 31, 2024


CCIH is pleased to announce the latest recipients of CCIH’s Small Grants—an acknowledgment of the dedication and commitment of faith-based organizations that enhance health and well-being in their communities. These organizations address critical health issues, from maternal and child health to infectious disease prevention, and demonstrate the impact that can be achieved through targeted and compassionate initiatives.

Congratulations to the 17 Small Grant recipients!

Arukah Network
Association Évangélique Pour La Santé au Tchad
Cameroon Baptist Church Health Services
Christian Health Association of Nigeria
Christian Medical Association of India
Christian Social Services Commission
Department des Oeuvres Médicals Église du Christ au Congo
Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network
Isaiah 58 Care Foundation
Kunri Christian Hospital
Kupenda for the Children
LAMB Hospital in Bangladesh
Maitaimako Outreach Foundation
SIL Africa
United Methodist Church Zimbabwe
World Renew
Zimbabwe Association of Church-related Hospitals

Celebrating Achievements, Inspiring Action

As we celebrate each recipient’s accomplishments, we look forward to a future in which their combined efforts continue to effect positive change worldwide. We are proud to support each organization’s meaningful work and hope you will be inspired to join in celebrating the grantees, shining a light on health for all.

Learn more about what previous grant recipients were able to do with CCIH support, including AMOS Hope and Health and Église Methodiste du Togo.


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