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Intern Diaries: Introduction to the Workplace

April 19, 2024

by Guest Contributor

by Cindy Huang, CCIH Communications and Advocacy Intern

For a newcomer like me, interning in a foreign country at CCIH brought so many new experiences.

I walked the tree-lined paths of Capitol Hill on my way to meetings and saw government officials in their sharp suits entering and exiting buildings. Each day presented a new adventure, a fresh opportunity to learn new skills and master the art of navigating group dynamics.

A pivotal aspect of my internship experience has been the emphasis on taking initiative. Bob Noziglia, Advocacy Manager and Angelica Ocasio, Digital Engagement and Content Specialist advised me to take initiative and ask questions. I’ve embraced this mindset and expanded it to include sharing my own ideas. I learned so much from attending advocacy meetings with Bob and working with Angelica on social media campaigns.

I’ve found that there’s nothing to lose and much to gain by showing initiative and always seeking to learn new things. Additionally, adapting to CCIH’s organizational culture has been enlightening. Networking goes beyond exchanging business cards; it’s about genuinely building relationships and learning from every perspective, making my journey uniquely enriching.

Although my time at CCIH has been brief – just over two months – I consider it a milestone in my recent year, preparing me for a smoother transition into the professional world. Despite
moments of uncertainty, especially in the beginning, I’ll remember this opportunity fondly and appreciate all that I learned.

Cindy Huang served as a Communications and Advocacy Intern at CCIH during her sophomore at Pepperdine University.

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