CCIH revised the International Health Champion award that honored individuals and launched a new award to honor a faith-based organization, team, or project that has made significant, innovative or noteworthy contributions to the field of international health and to advancing Christian love in action. This group award recognizes that achievements in health are never the result of only one person and that inspiration can come from promising innovations as well as success. The award is connected to the conference theme for that particular year.

2023 Hope in Health Award

The 2023 award focused on Hope in Health, consistent with the 2023 Conference theme. CCIH member, the Schieffelin Institute of Health Research – Leprosy Center in Karigiri, Tamil Nadu, India, received the award. The CCIH Board of Directors made the selection from numerous applications, noting some outstanding characteristics of the Institute:

  • Lasting impact on the lives of the neglected and as a beacon of hope for the most vulnerable, rehabilitating Leprosy patients back into mainstream society.
  • Sustained service delivery through COVID-19 challenges, including interrupted supply chains and limited human resources for health.
  • Serving as a center of excellence, introducing innovations, equipping public health practitioners and clinicians, and publishing its work to advance scientific knowledge and literature for managing patients globally.

Watch the award presentation at the 2023 Conference.


The CCIH Christian International Health Champion Award was launched in 2014 to honor an individual who has dedicated their life to global health from a Christian perspective and has made significant contributions to the field and to CCIH. The program ran until 2021 and was revised in 2022 to a new type of award that honors a team for their accomplishments in health. The award was presented at the CCIH Annual Conference. 

Award Recipients

2022 | No award given as we transitioned from Individual Champions to the team award launched in 2023.
2021 | Debbie Dortzbach, MPH, MN | About Debbie Dortzbach | Watch the video of Debbie’s acceptance remarks
2020 | Connie Gates, MPH, Comprehensive Rural Health Project (Jamkhed) | Connie passed away shortly after receiving the award. Learn more about Connie Gates and her achievements in global health, especially her passion for community-based health.
2019 | Karen Sichinga, MSN, MPH, Executive Director, Churches Health Association of Zambia | About Karen Sichinga
2018 | Robin Davis, MN, RN, President Emerita, Global Health Action | About Robin Davis
2017 | Frank Baer, MHS-TM, DrPH, Vice President, SANRU | About Frank Baer
| Samuel Mwenda, MD, General Secretary, Christian Health Association of Kenya | About Samuel Mwenda
2015 | Henry Mosley, MD, MPH, Professor Emeritus, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health | About Henry Mosley
2014 | Douglas Huber, MD, MSc, Reproductive Health Specialist and Co-Chair CCIH Family Planning and Reproductive Health Working Group | About Douglas Huber